With iOS 4.2.1 update, iPad proving more useful than MacBook Air

Apple Online Store“Apple’s iPad can eclipse a laptop in usability and sheer number of hours used. And iOS 4.2 only makes this more probable,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“Though I’ve just begun to dig around inside of iOS 4.2 on my iPad 3G, it’s already obvious that this upgrade is only going to increase the amount of time I spend on the iPad,” Crothers reports. “This will happen at the expense of my MacBook Air, the only other computing device I use regularly.”

Crothers reports, “In short, the iPad is a sticky commodity. It’s always there, always accessible when you need it: instant on, instant access to the Internet, thanks to 3G. And this pushes me to do more productivity–i.e., writing–on the iPad, despite the relative inefficiency vis-a-vis the Air. It may sound illogical, nevertheless that’s the way it has evolved for me.”

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  1. It’s the 3G connectivity that is the real issue. She needs to always be online. This is what makes her more productive, not the device itself.

    I guess she never heard of a “3G laptop connect card or USB dongle”

    If she got that for her MacBook Air, she would use that as the MBA has a lot more creature comforts and abilities, storage etc.

  2. Everyone’s personal needs differ. My iPad is convenient, but if I didn’t have an iPad, I wouldn’t suffer any major inconvenience. On the other hand, I have a friend whose daughter has declared that the iPad is all the computer she needs.

    If someone asks how I like my iPad, I tell them I’m disappointed with it. I thought it would be fabulous, but it turned out that it was only wonderful.

    The writer probably doesn’t need a MacBook Air if she has an iPad, but projecting one’s personal needs onto the general population isn’t valid. There is probably someone out there who doesn’t need an iPad because they have a MacBook Air, just as there are people who don’t need an iMac because they have a Mac Pro, and others who don’t need a Mac Pro because they have an iMac.

    Maybe she was under deadline pressure to produce an article, and this is all she could think of.

  3. Maybe she was under deadline pressure to produce an article, and this is all she could think of.

    It’s a pretty poor article, it just goes to show her lack of tech knowledge.

    Of course women tend like things all in one package, men tend to lean more towards the mechanical side and bring items from different sources together to function.

    Apple sells a lot to women, children and artists who just want it to work.

    PC’s sell more towards men who can make it work and need more versatility.

    just the way the world is

  4. In spite of wanting to like my iPad, my initial thoughts have been confirmed. It doesn’t replace either my iPhone nor my MacBook, so it just sort of hovers as an extra thing. A cool thing and my kids love it, but necessary? Not for me.

  5. My iPad 3G is perhaps the most used of my computing devices. However, when I am ready to do “serious” academic work – everything from grading papers (requiring insertion of comments into students’ papers) to full fledge interaction with Blackboard etc – I have to use my MacBook Pro.

    Great device, but it is not my most productive device. It is nonetheless my most accessed device.

  6. @ Essence

    I have to agree with you on this. My wife loves hers. She uses it much more than her MacBook Pro. In fact she just told me, “Try shopping with a MacBook Pro.” She takes the device along with her to compare prices etc as she shops in various stores. Of course, I think that could be done on an iPhone too. But she contends its too small.

    For me, my iPhone 4 does a nice job for me when on the run. And quite frankly, it took Apple a while to update the iPad and I found myself using it less and less in part because of the cumbersome way of switching between email accounts. Now after the update, it’s much better.

    Do I need it? No…. but it has replaced much of the paper-based work we do at the office. If only it could do some of the editing functions I do in office, I would use it for grading papers… now that would make it a more utilitarian device for me.

  7. @Munches:

    If you had bothered to actually READ his article, you would have found out that the author (Brooke) is a MALE, not a female. Sort of fscks your “theory” to hell, huh?

    I’ve been reading your posts for the past couple of weeks and have come to the conclusion that you are our latest MDN troll/astroturfer, and have absolutely no credibility.

    Please just crawl back under your bridge or Micro-turf and leave us alone…

  8. @kayan

    You said:

    “I thought it would be fabulous, but it turned out that it was only wonderful.”
    What an asinine statement.

    When I tell people that, they laugh, and then go out and buy an iPad.

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