Did iOS 4.2 update seem to hose your iPhone’s media? Here’s a quick fix

“After you update to the new OS, if you load the iPod app, you may see a message stating that your currently have ‘No Content’ on the device,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch.

“The way to fix it is apparently to plug your iPhone back into your computer, play a song from the iPhone on your computer, and then sync,” Siegler reports. “The process is very quick because it doesn’t actually have to transfer all that music again, it just makes it recognize that it’s already there.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This happened to our iPhone 4 units after updating to iOS 4.2.1 and the fix above worked as described. The media is still there on your iOS device, this just seems to jog things. It’s much faster than transferring all of your media again.


  1. I just downgraded back to 4.1…

    At the moment it is impossible to write in French, as all accents on “e” are missing. I’m an Apple user since 1992 and agree that they start to get sloppy. Microsoftian if you like. And we are now Beta testers…

  2. I’m having the same problem on my iPhone 4. I would like to see a solution that doesn’t require syncing since I’m on the road and my laptop is not my syncing computer. It will want to wipe the phone and associate it with that machine rather than my home computer.

    Is there a solution that doesn’t require syncing?

  3. Updated, got “No Content”, look around the web and someone said “Sync it” I did and it worked. I did not need to play any music before hand. Updated my wife’s iPhone 4 and synced it first thing and all was well.

    Update + Sync. That’s all.

    Though, it would be nice if I this didn’t happen at all. Just saying.

  4. This happened to my iPad after a previous iOS update, and again after the 4.2.1 update. Scary at first to see 40GB+ of video simply vanish, but a simple and quick re-sync brought everything back. Does make me wonder though how Apple missed this little glitch in their pre-release testing…

  5. This happened to me, and reconnecting the iPhone to iTunes and playing a song helped correct it. I didn’t have to re-sync it, as I updated my iPhone on my MacBook, but my iPhone 4 is tied to my iMac at home (where I manage my library). You can update an iPhone on any Mac, even if you don’t use that Mac to sync and back-up.
    After playing a song from the music list (in iTunes) and disconnecting the iPhone, all my media reappeared in the iPod app. Though I did notice some of the TV shows got jumbled – some titles were mixed in with other titles.

  6. Bugs galore –
    Just out of interest I went to Apple support forums to see any feedbacks on 4.2 before I update. Guess what – bugs galore. Have a look, no end of problems. What is happening to Apple these days that they keep issuing buggy software, or bricking devices? Not enough testing before release.

    Just seems too much aggravation nowadays to jump in too quick with the updates. Best to wait awhile for the fixes, but annoying just the same. Come on Apple, you can do better than this. My iPhone 3G a case in point.

    You would have thought after the 3G debacle they would have learnt their lesson and done better testing, but no, near enough is good enough it seems. Too sloppy Apple.

  7. For future reference. In my earlier post I stated that I didn’t want to sync with my laptop because my phone is tied to my desktop computer. Strangely enough, I was able to use the sync button on the laptop. It “Synced”, even though no files were changed, and my iPod data is there now.

    I’m still not sure how I was able to sync with my laptop without the laptop wanting to delete the data. This must be a recent change. I don’t remember my phone ever being willing to sync to more than one computer before. The laptop doesn’t even contain any of the songs that are on the phone.

  8. Apple BatteryGate still present.
    A brand new iPod Touch 4g drained over night…

    I and millions of other users have been waiting for a fix since 4.1…

    Apple don’t seem to care all all about their users…

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