Apple granted industrial design patents for Phone 4, iPad and iPhone UI

Apple Online Store“November 23, 2010 now marks the date that Apple was granted strategically important industrial design patents for their iPhone 4, iPad and iPhone UI,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“While some may see the iPhone 4’s win as somewhat controversial, the fact remains that it’s wonderfully crafted design has no equal amongst the majority of pathetic plastic competitors that stand before it,” Purcher reports. “Despite the controversies surrounding the design, the fact remains that the iPhone 4’s design still stands out as the hottest and smartest smartphone designs on the market today.”

“If that news wasn’t good enough, we learn that Apple’s iPad has been awarded a granted patent which also support’s TIME Magazine’s choice for invention of the year,” Purcher reports. “And to top off these great wins, Apple has been awarded a patent for the iPhone’s general UI overview.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Maybe this speaks to my character, but with every story about Apple getting a patent I just get more and more anxious to actually see it result in some other company (Google) having to change something or stop doing something. Basically, I want to see some other company suffer because of the patents that Apple is winning.

  2. Amen @ observer.

    Others should not be allowed to simply copy Apple hard won innovations. Neither should Apple tread on others. Technology in general seems to have become a bit uncivilized lately. It doesn’t help that relatively lawless tech companies in China stand ready to steal from copyright holders or play copycat. That should not stand. Of course there’s a sucker born every minute trying to save a buck (but ends up foolishly paying more ultimately) but I hope that’s kept down to less than 1% of the population. You Walgreen $99 tablet people know who you are…

  3. The free lunches are over. apple owns it’s innovations fair and square, the patents are a license to sue the asses off all shameless parasites and prevail. They’re also fair warning of a crushing sledgehammer about to strike.

    Lame copycats proceed at your own risk.

  4. This could be a problem. Microsoft is working on their Windows tablet using the iPad in a mirror. It will take them a year or so (or eternity) to get their crapy, buggy, frozen blue screen of death copy of the iOS so the hackers and viruses can spread into a tablet market. Does Ballmer know about this? Is there a video of someone telling him? Maybe Bill Gates will need to come back. He knows how to use the GUI/ OS copy machine.

  5. Jersey_Trade,

    Microsoft isn’t a bad guy in the mobile market. They are doing their own phone with their own GUI. It lacks a lot of stuff but so did the first iPhone. What I’m saying is that using MS as a punching bag isn’t cool when the real enemy here are the copy cat clowns from Google, HTC, Motorola, etc.

    MS copies Apple in everything else such as the OS and stores.

    Apple should defend their patents and like “observer” stated, I want other companies to pay for their retardedness.

  6. The axe hanging above the necks of the crap ‘roid phone cloners just keeps getting larger and larger.

    And soon the axe will fall and all who made it their business to steal designs rather than to actually design, will be out of luck and out of time.

    It saddens me greatly that Motorola is in this group now. A once great & innovative company who once made first rate products reduced to a design by committee cloner & crap peddler.

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