A note about MacDailyNews site and app performance

Apple Online StoreRegarding the performance (or lack thereof) of MacDailyNews.com and the MacDailyNews app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

Our traffic is growing rapidly and demand from a growing list of devices continues to increase. We are acutely aware of the issues and we have been working on and investing in solutions for some time now.

All will be revealed soon.

Thank you for your patience and for patronizing our advertisers without whom MacDailyNews could not exist,

MacDailyNews Webmaster


  1. Well, this obviously doesn’t apply to the apps, but since MDN mentioned the website as well… it definitely gets bogged down by the ads.

    ClickToFlash shows me there’s still a lot of flash stuff on the site.

  2. It does appear that the over animated ads drag down the response of the sight. Maybe approval of the ads response and digital size would help you out. The Apple viewer consumption of information will only grow.

    Good luck on what ever you are trying. I know of a BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM that is lightly used at this time that could help you out. When you call the farm, just ask for the guy in charge. His name is Steve.

  3. I stopped using the MDN iPad App – it just doesn’t work. I went back to using Safari to load MDN on Apple’s larger touchscreen device.

    The iPhone/iPad App works better, but it still doesn’t redraw the screen to display new stories when opened, even if a badge alert shows new stories area available. You have to manually reload the MDN home page to see the new stories in the App.

  4. I own a Mac Pro and am on a very fast cable Internet connection and MDN pages are pretty slow sometimes.
    Not a developer, but have a suggestion:
    Some sites, like Huffington Post, use code that doesn’t reload the entire frigging page when you post or jump pages while reading comments. Seems like this might be a good way to go.

  5. I even find the dashboard widget annoying.
    You can’t increase the window size and to scroll to the next article is difficult as it tends to jump.

    Pretty shabby…

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