Engadget reviews Apple’s iOS 4.2.1 for iPad: ‘Feels like a brand new day’

Apple Online Store“Back in September, Apple announced that a full-scale update to the tablet’s OS would be coming in the form of iOS 4.2, bringing a slew of new features to the device,” Joshua Topolsky reports for Engadget. “Included in that laundry list is proper iOS 4-style multitasking, folders, major mail improvements, Game Center integration, and Safari enhancements (like find-in-page text searches). Besides those features, the company has been touting two other big changes that could cause a major shift in the way you use your iPad — namely, AirPrint and AirPlay.”

“When the update was originally announced, we took you on a walkthrough of the early developer beta,” Topolsky reports. “Though 4.2 will roll out to the iPhone and iPod touch, we wanted to focus on the iPad version, as it represents a major change for the platform. We’ve had a chance to spend time with the final version of the OS (which is actually 4.2.1 now), and put it through its paces.”

Topolsky reports, “What Apple has added here puts the iPad much, much closer to the netbook-chomping beast we always felt it could be. For those of you who’ve already invested in the device, upgrading to 4.2.1 will feel like a brand new day, and for those still on the fence about the iPad — it’s time to take another look.”

Full review here.


  1. After The Day The Earth Stood Still (Beatles on iTunes), this is nothing. When I can update the iPad without tethering it to iTunes I will be impressed. With 64GB RAM, it shouldn’t be that hard.

  2. @ Yawn
    “With 64GB RAM, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

    Well that would indeed be sweet, if…

    1. The iPad had 64GB of RAM, which it does not.


    2. The amount of onboard RAM had anything at all to do with the ability to update.

    But overall, I really like your strategy.

  3. Thanks for your post . . . for after reading it, it occurred to me that a nap was in order. So much for your technological acumen and insight into cutting edge product development.

    Yes, Yawn, you certainly are.

  4. …was listening to “I’m only sleeping” from his pirated Beatles collection, either that or was snoozing during the scene where Gort goes after the girl in his pirated copy of the Michael Rennie movie.

    Yawns are contagious though so I’m off to nap now in my parents’ basemen

  5. @yawn,
    I have the 64GB version. I hadn’t “tethered” to my Mac in quite a while (can’t remember the last time)… all my day to day stuff
    is updated over the air: bookmarks, contacts, calendar, email, app updates, app downloads, drop box, files (via IP), evernote, and the list goes on.

    Actually, it was quite refreshing to finally set my iPad on my desk and tether it to my Mac for this great update… it did far more than merely update the software: there was a complete backup, and all the apps I had purchased and updated right from the iPad got copied into iTunes for backup. It felt good to know the process wasn’t going to get interfered with. All in all it took about an hour… and what do you know, I got to charge it up at the same time.

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