Apple’s revolutionary iPad to go on sale in Korea on Nov. 30th; 60,000 pre-orders in first week

Apple Online Store“KT, Apple’s Korean vendor, said Sunday that the iPad, Apple’s popular tablet PC, will go on sale on Nov. 30,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times.

“KT will release all six models of Apple’s tablet PC. The carrier said that it has so far received some 60,000 pre-orders over the past week,” Yoo-chul reports. “With a two-year contract and 2GB monthly data pricing packages, consumers can buy the 9.7-inch tablet with 16-gigabyte storage and 3G connectivity at 390,000 won ($345).”

Yoo-chul reports, “KT expects to sell 200,000 iPads this year… SK Telecom is also talking with Apple to market iPads.”

Full article here.


  1. Why does iPad rhyme with “I sad?”

    Because for once in my entire Apple using life I’m not turned on by their latest gadget?

    I’m obviously having Apple withdrawal symptoms, I don’t even look at Mac’s in the same love light anymore as I half expect them to turn into iOS devices at any moment.

    I keep posting here to find a solution to my problem, from my Mac using community, but unable to find a like mind.

    I realise now I have a problem, and perhaps that’s half the solution.

    Apple is morphing into god knows what and I don’t know what to do. Steve Jobs has betrayed me, the entire Mac community, which kept the company alive all those years.

    Hard to change, all those years with Apple Computer Inc.

  2. @Bunches of Munches
    Why do I smell a troll. Have you considered that the problem might be your own stupidity?

    The Mac will always remain a distinct line from iOS devices simply because they’re designed to meet different objectives & do different tasks. 

    Play with your Linux hardware all you like, it won’t amount to a pimple on most user’s backside which is where I suspect you’ll end up given your retardedness with Linux.

  3. “you need to smoke more dope, and the depression will go away”

    Dope just delays the problem, not cures it.

    If you do enough dope, then you got a addiction to solve as well.

    No, I’ve found my netbook solution with Linux instead of the iPad, just sad it’s not a Apple netbook. Of course I bought it before Apple realised their marketing mistake and offered a 11″ MacBook Air. So now I’m stuck with Linux unfortunately, but at least I don’t have a painful annoying glossy screen.

    Why does Apple offer so little in hardware choices?

    My MacBook Pro runs just fine of course, getting long in the tooth…and the new black chick-let style keyboard looks cheap, I like the old silver keys better.

  4. Bunches of Munches is either a paid troll, making a great effort to show how disappointing it is to be an Apple user, or simply the biggest whiner on earth. Geez if you are really so bummed out about Apple, simply move on and quit wasting your time here. The little black raincloud following you around is a blight.

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