Apple’s iPad 2 expected to seriously hurt iPad wannabe sales in 2011

“As rumors that Apple’s iPad 2 will launch in the first quarter of 2011 circulate the IT market, sources from notebook players pointed out that if the rumors are true, the launch is expected to seriously weaken other PC vendors’ tablet PCs,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Since consumer demand for tablet PCs is still limited, while most upstream and downstream players are over-optimistic about the market, tablet PCs may see a sharp drop in demand as soon as the third quarter of 2011, after a big battle in the second,” Chen and Tsai report.

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  1. There’s no competition. Samsung Galaxy is complete junk, and the wireless contract is plagued with hidden fees. Also, you only get 1GB of data download, before you go over your limit. That is about the only vendor who can even come close to being considered a “competitor” and I’m being generous.

  2. I don’t bother reading rumors. I Just keep using
    my iPad and finding new surprising ways to
    enjoy it. Happier than a pig in slop!
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  3. The great thing about this is that now that Apple is firmly in everybodies worldview, everyone is going to see first hand the blatant design xeroxing action that follows almost every product they release or update.

  4. My wife and I took a trip down to Baltimore on Saturday and what did we see…a week old new Mac retailer (Capitolmac) at Fells Point still offering their 10% grand opening special. So now my wife has her own iPad and can stop bugging me for mine. Limited demand my ass.

  5. The competition is non-existent right now. Without an actual tablet ready OS from Android or HP, Apple already has the tablet monopoly pat during this holiday season (plus inventory, channels, mindshare, first mover’s advantage, screen size, flash etc.) and until the next iteration of iPad 2 (April or summer). Besides which, most other tablet vendors would see a surge in returned items as none of them can match anywhere near the value and quality of iPad as it stands right now.

    So, the probable victim of this silly “rumour” appears more likely to be the Apple’s holiday sale of iPad original.

    Sometimes this forum can be full of so many clueless.

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