Apple TV 4.1 update released (updated)

Apple Online Store“A firmware update for the Apple TV, v4.1, should be released at about 10AM Pacific time today, a report suggests,” MacNN reports.

“Although not yet announced by Apple, he update is expected to coincide with the rollout of iOS 4.2,” MacNN reports. “People will have to download any update directly through an Internet-connected Apple TV, using the set-top’s Settings menu.”

MacNN reports, “The focus of the update is expected to be on support for AirPlay, which streams music, photos and video from compatible iOS 4.2 devices.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We just checked and the update is now available for Apple TV (Settings>General>Software Updates).


  1. ‘an internet connected Apple TV’

    I suppose you could get some use out of the device without the internet by utilizing just the stuff in your iTunes on your computer, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that REALLY close to 100 percent of the Apple TVs out there probably have a live internet connection.

  2. Yeah, yeah, revolutionary products…. psh!

    How can you guys already forget about the most important day in the history of days… The Beatles are on iTunes as of 11/16/10!

    This wireless streaming of hd video from a phone to a TV is same ol same ol.

    We will never forget! 11.16.10 A day that will live on in our collective consciousness for all times!

  3. Downloaded. Airplay is cool. Although I don’t see an option for sharing video that I’ve taken with my iPhone 4G. I can only share movies I’ve downloaded, YouTube vids and of course pictures. Only a few second delay from phone to apple tv. Its sweet.

  4. Michigan. 1:50PM. Downloaded Apple TV update.
    Took about 8 minutes total. Right now I’m
    watching The Daly Show directly from an iPhone 4
    to a 50″ Panasonic. So cool!
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Since I switched to the new TV I’ve been disappointed that the Apple Remote app on my iPhone no longer controls volume. The ability to change the volume anywhere within wi-fi area was just as important as being able control what is being played. Am I missing something or did this function really get pulled?

  6. @MidWestMac, ATV does not work with downloaded programs without Internet.

    I cannot even get it to work directly connecting an ethernet cable to the computer where both are on the same account, but with no Internet. I would sure like this update to address that.

  7. Just did the update. Works as advertised. Kinda disappointed it doesn’t stream video shot on my iPhone from within the Pictures app, but has no problem with movies and special event podcasts loaded in Movies in the iPod app. Guess it’s one of those Apple “baby steps” things.

  8. @Spark,

    No, the function got pulled. I miss it too.

    Also, am I the only one that’s pissed about the way the new ATV organizes media? Example: My old ATV used to (example) display ONE entry for “The Simpsons” under TV Shows, when you went into this entry, your seasons were listed nicely underneath. Now, it displays all seasons of The Simpsons on the main menu. So instead of having a neat main menu, it’s cluttered with all seasons of all the programs you own.

    Anyone have a work-around to this?

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