Apple releases Pages 1.3, Number 1.3, Keynote 1.3 for iPad

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple has posted v1.3 updates for apps in the iPad version of the iWork suite,” MacNN reports.

“All expected upgrades are present, including support for two key iOS 4.2.1 features: multitasking, and AirPrint, which allows printing via Wi-Fi,” MacNN reports. “Only a handful of HP printers are currently supported, however.”

MacNN reports, “Each app is [US$9.99] new, or a free upgrade from earlier App Store [purchases].”

Read more in the full article here.

More info and download links via Apple’s iTunes Store:
• Pages
• Numbers
• Keynote


  1. HP-only AirPrint is due to the fact that HP was the fastest to actually manufacture and offer for sale printer models that support this technology.

    We are now in the same situation as we were when Apple introduced what used to be called “Rendez-vous”, and was subsequently re-named to “Bonjour” (due to some trademark dispute that Apple deemed not worthy of fight). When Bonjour came out, almost no printers (or scanners, cameras or any other peripheral devices) supported it. It was an amazing technological concept (plug it in, no drivers – just works), but it took a while to pick up. Today, practically every printer supports Bonjour, although in reality, you would still want to install proprietary drivers in order to use all device features.

    Those who are annoyed (and impatient) by the feature they can only use with the total of three models out on the market just need to wait a bit. AirPrint support will rapidly come to every single model coming out, although it’s probably a bit too late for this holiday season slate (other than mentioned HPs).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple also delivers an applet (or a preference pane, or an additional sharing feature) for Mac OS X to enable AirPrint to shared desktop printers (hooked up via USB). Right now, there are already two Mac OS X applications that provides the exact such functionality (Printopia and FingerPrint). They aren’t free, but these guys have clearly spotted the market and taken advantage of the gap. It is possible (and likely) that Apple may put them out of business with their own update soon, but it is great for them that they are able to make money on this feature gap right away.

  2. You can get AirPrint working with other “shared” printers on your Mac if you follow the instructions here.

    Note: Do this at your own risk!

    I am now able to print to my networked Brother AIO Laser and Canon Photo printers — from Pages, Keynote, Numbers and even my Photo Library — on my iPad and iPhone.

    Very nice!

  3. @ Macromancer,

    I remember using the number 1.3 in grade school in 1955 when studying decimals in math. So, it’s been around at least 55 years, probably longer.

  4. @predrag

    Airprint support already exists for all printers and has been included in all of the developer builds of iOS 4.2. It’s been rumored that apple pulled it at the last minute for licensing issues. Installing the three files (linked above) will enable AirPrint support for all printers. Do at your own risk.

    Works perfect here.

  5. I am using the Printopia demo for now. It works great! I will buy it Friday after my paycheck hits the bank. It is that good.

    Yes, I am sure that Apple will fill that gap, but for now, it is worth the bucks to have the ability to print without buying a new printer.

    And I use Pages, etc. on a regular basis. It will be even more useful now that I can print using my iPad.

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