Apple iPad isn’t just for work, it’s a gaming machine, too

Apple Online Store“It’s a business tool, a video player, a music player and a social networking hub. And now, the Apple iPad is a gaming machine, too,” Ebenezer Samuel reports for The New York Daily News.

“That’s right. The iPad has gradually become a hub for some pretty solid on-the-go gaming,” Samuel reports. “Developers are still learning how to best utilize the gigantic touchscreen interface, but more and more often, we’re seeing iPad-specific gems pop up in the iTunes Apps Store.”

Samuel reports, “The best part? Unlike consoles, most of the games come at comparable budget prices, while still offering plenty of fun.”

Samuel provides quick reviews of the following iPad games:

• Defender Chronicles HD
• Rage HD
• Trucks And Skulls HD

Full article here.


  1. I’ve been playing rage HD. It does what a game should do. It’s addictive, fun, and when you finally do put it down, it leaves you twitching and looking over yer shoulder.

  2. Add “Across Age HD” to that list, and you’ve got my favorite iPad games. <3

    Looking forward to seeing what other games devs can come up with for the iPad. I think it has potential.

  3. Life is much too short for “gaming.”

    Maybe that’s why there isn’t enough “learning.” I don’t mean schooling- I mean intellectual curiosity and Creating.

  4. I’m with Karlv, here. I guess the better question is: “is he just figuring this out?”. The only other option would be that the quality of the games available has gone from “amusing” to “Wow!”. I can accept the latter – I haven’t been watching that closely – but would be annoyed if this was just a case of a reporter finally noticing.
    Do I need to point out that the A4 is faster and more powerful than most of the CPUs maybe a decade ago? Yeah … things are developing that quickly! I’m a little surprised that the iPad doesn’t come with a GPU with its own dedicated RAM.

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