Gartenberg: The Mac is back; why Apple’s computer platform isn’t going anywhere but up

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac“Last month, Steve Jobs took to the stage, most likely for the final time this year, to launch a new version of iLife and new updates to the MacBook Air line,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Macworld. “More importantly, he spent a lot of time talking about the product line as a whole, how the Mac and iOS platforms relate to each other and what the future of the Mac might look like with the next generation of OS X, now known as Lion. There’s been a lot of speculation as to what the ramifications of all this are. Here’s my take on what it all means.”

• The Mac is a business, not a hobby
• Apple hardware isn’t converging
• Apple platforms aren’t converging either
• Expect more hardware designs similar to the MacBook Air

Read the full article, in which Gartenberg explains why the Mac is back and in a big way, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. I Have Special Edition Graphite iMac G3 that was sitting in the corner for about a year… the hard drive crapped out a while back like 2 years ago..Well I said to myself.. SELF.. get that thing going… Well $50 bucks later on ebay i found a 60gig ha installed 1 gig of ram and installed an Airport Wireless card and it is up and running Tiger OSX like a CHAMP!! This computer is 12 YEARS OLD!!!! and it is solid and functional. Try to run windows Vista on a 12 year old PC… Good Luck with THAT! The Mac is Alive and well in a BIG WAY!

  2. @Nesbit

    Included on every Mac is a program called “Migration Assistant”. It will help you copy all your data from a Windows machine to your Mac. Once you have everything copied you can sync your iPhone to the new Mac.

    Take a look at Apple’s website for more info.

  3. To all the knuckleheads who are wailing and moaning that the Mac is dead, please don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. I’m sure Dell will welcome you with open arms. The Mac has been proclaimed to be dying since 1984. You were wrong then and you are wrong now.

  4. @JoeKnows
    Thanks for the tip mate. I’ll definitely look up the Migration Assistant to help me move my stuff over from Windows. XP is the best OS MS ever made. Now that they’re abandoning it for W7 I don’t see why I should put up with its idiosyncrasies – it’s the most maddening OS to use – MS seems to have moved menu items around at random just to pretty it up. So I think I’ll leave Windows for the relative sanctuary of OSX where sanity prevails. The biggest problem as I see it is the lack of Windows compatible programs – OSX doesn’t seem business ready. But Bootcamp should help me through any problems of this nature.

    For someone like me having one place – the MacAppStore – to buy software is huge. As a newbie to the Mac platform searching for software is a headache so having it all in one place like the iTunes store is great.

  5. It’s not that us Mac users are abandoning the Mac, rather it’s Apple that’s abandoning the Mac and it’s open architecture for closed iOS devices to become dedicated media devices.

    How soon before the MacBook Air and the iMac’s turn into iOS devices? Leaving only the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro as “real” computers? How soon after that they get discontinued like the X-Raid and X-Server did due to lack of sales?

    Looks like if you need a open device in the future your going to need either Windows or Linux.

  6. XP is the best OS MS ever made

    Your joking right?

    From a security and stability standpoint, a piece of swiss cheese is more solid than XP.

    It’s because your so used to XP. It apparently seems you don’t even know how to simply transfer files with a USB key or even burn a CD/DVD to transfer your files over to your Mac, scanning with ClamXav in the process (oh wait you don’t even know how to install a program!), rather opting for some lame Migration Assistant which invites the rootkit living on your PC to come live on your Mac.

    Windows 7 is a pretty good OS, lots of PC people are happy with it, even though it took Microsoft the abortion of Vista to finally get it right.

    Sure it doesn’t beat OS X, but then OS X is turning into a walled garden here soon, meaning you can’t run what you want, with Windows going to be the only widely used open type operating system.

    Microsoft even made a statement “Windows is more open” when the MacAppStore was announced.

    Jesus man, get a computer education, the tool is right in front of you.

  7. @Bunches of Munches
    Whatever floats your boat. As far as I’m concerned I interface with the computer through the OS. If I can’t find something that I’m used to quickly without searching through 10 levels of menus the OS is useless to me. 

    The rest of your comments smell of fanboy geekdom. I don’t know which planet you hail from but us mortals have to spend time at work being productive and that means the less hassles we face having to grapple with the computer to perform our daily tasks the more appealing it is from a user’s standpoint. 

    If you don’t have constructive comments to make I’d rather you shut your pie hole than show your geek ignorance.

  8. Anyone notice how the new “high-end” HP Envy looks an awful lot like the MacBook Pro? I mean, it is a cheap knock-off, and still bulkier, but they totally stole the design. I know Apple is constantly getting ripped off, but this is so blatant.


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