The Economist launches apps for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Online StoreThe Economist Group today announced the global launch of its flagship title, The Economist, on two new apps – The Economist for iPhone (and iPod touch) and The Economist for iPad – available now on the App Store. The free apps include a weekly sample of must-read articles chosen by the editor. The full issue of The Economist is available through In App Purchase each week beginning Thursday evenings (9:00pm GMT/4:00pm EST).

Digital and print subscribers can receive full and unrestricted access to The Economist on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch as well as The Economist online by simply using their print or online subscription credentials.

Once downloaded, each issue of The Economist is stored on the user’s device, making it possible to read the newspaper in full without an internet connection. Each issue also features the full audio edition, with all articles read by professional newscasters.

John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist, said in the press release: “We have reformatted the newspaper to make the most of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch while retaining the familiar feel of The Economist, with all the articles, charts, maps and images from each week’s print edition. And we have integrated our audio edition, read by professional newscasters, for easy switching between reading and listening. We have put a lot of work into making sure that these new versions of The Economist are not just easy to use, but also make our readers feel at home.”

Oscar Grut, managing director, digital editions said in the press release: “We have a growing print circulation of 1.5m. We expect to reach similar numbers with our digital offerings in a relatively short period of time. iPads and iPhones are perfect for reading and listening to The Economist, and we see a great future for our ever-growing readership in all media. We have created elegant apps that capture the reading experience our readers enjoy so much in print, free from distractions. Our apps are also a great way for new readers to sample The Economist, with a number of free articles each week selected by the editor. We hope many of those new readers will go on to subscribe to the full weekly edition.

The Economist App for iPhone and The Economist App for iPad are available for free. Single issues can be purchased for US$5.99 /£3.49 /€4.99 each week through In App Purchase.

More info and download links via Apple’s iTunes App Store:
• The Economist for iPhone (and iPod touch)
• The Economist for iPad

Source: The Economist Group


  1. YES! I have been waiting for this for a long time. The economist is easily one of the best magazines in the world and I am sooo happy to see it on the iPad!

    Am I the only one super excited about this?

  2. I’ve been getting The Economist full print version
    on my MacBook for years and now on my iPad at
    $127 annually through Zinio. How is this any
    better? It is still one of the few weekly mags
    worth getting.

  3. As yet, I cannot comment about the Economist in-app experience, but I see a savings of $55.12 annually by purchasing the Economist directly in their app compared to Zinio. Big diff in my opinion. Unless, the average Economist reader is not worried about a pitiful $55.12. You know how those rich bankers are…

  4. @Jast
    I’m in the middle of changing my VISA to a
    different number and unable to download the
    app. Could you be more specific? Certainly
    would like to save $55.12.

  5. Actually, I’m quite pleased to see this. The Economist is about the last print magazine I read regularly. Now what am I going to do when flying during those ten minutes that electronic devices have to be turned off? Frankly, SkyMall holds no interest.

    Regarding the pricing, let me get this straight. The print subscription is $99.50 per year and includes full access to the online version. For $27.50 more, I can avoid killing a few trees, further contribute to the insolvency of the USPS, but don’t have to look at ads? I guess that works for some, but the Economist itself would tell you this is a bad deal. As for $5.99 per issue, that’s over $300 per year, definitely this is meant for occasional readers.

  6. Love it when stuff comes together all at one time.
    Just got my VISA by mail and activated it. Went
    to Zinio and found my subscription just ran out.
    Downloaded The Economist app and subscribed
    for one year at $110. (don’t know how Jast gets
    the $55.12 savings) Compared the latest issue
    page by page between Zinio and the Econ. app.
    Except for the ads which Zinio includes they are
    identical. Much easier to navigate in the Econ.
    app. Greatly prefer it over the Zinio. For this
    type of mag the interface implementation is
    superb. A big plus is that the whole issue is
    also in audio. You can “read” it while jogging,
    bicycling,etc. on your iPhone. You also have
    access to last 10 yrs of The Economist online.
    Love it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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