Nexaira announces 3G/4G router that supports iPhone tethering; no jailbreak required

“Since AT&T enabled the ‘tethering’ option for iPhones running iOS 4, millions of owners have used their iPhone to provide 3G internet connectivity to their laptops,” EVDOinfo reports.

“Tethering, which allows you to use your phone as a mobile broadband modem (similar to using a dedicated USB device) has become very popular with people who need occasional mobile broadband internet access – for example, frequent travelers who want to stay connected while traveling without having to rely on free WiFi hotspots (which can be few and far between or pose security risks) or sign up for a mobile broadband contract they don’t really need, EVDOinfo reports. “While convenient, tethering your iPhone has limitations: it can only be tethered to one computer at a time via USB or Bluetooth, and it can’t be tethered to any devices besides computers.”

EVDOinfo reports, “So what if you want to be able to share your iPhone’s 3G connection with multiple devices or to provide connectivity to a WiFi-only device like the iPad? Customers have been clamoring for a router that supports the iPhone ever since the tethering feature became available, and we are pleased to announce that 3Gstore now has an exclusive version of firmware for the Nexaira BC2 router that supports the iPhone. The BC2 (with the new iPhone-supporting firmware) is the ONLY router that allows you to tether your iPhone and share your iPhone’s connection with multiple computers and devices.”

Much more info in the full article here.


  1. @ Magnus

    Because those devices cost $$$ PLUS monthly charges. This device is $190 straight up and NO MONTHLY CHARGES. Now, while this seems like a great device, the thing is just a bit large as it has an ethernet jacks (2), expresscard slot, USB port and needs to be plugged in for power. On second thought, this thing only appeals to business people as I can’t see anyone dragging this thing out at Starbucks.

  2. Finally! I’m putting one of these in my car and the iPad is now as mobile as I need it to be ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. And how does this help the mobile users? It’s too big for my pocket and it requires a power outlet to work.
    I’ve had a t-mobile broadband router (compare to mifi) for quite some time, and carry that together with my iPod touch. Don’t need an iPhone for the wireless connection, and can serve several devices (iPad, iPod touch, MBP and the ugly company Dell) simultanious.

  4. If you have a Mac, no extra hardware is needed. Tether the phone to the Mac and then turn on Internet Sharing over WiFi. Then you can hook up anything else you want to the ad hoc WiFi network, including an iPad or another Mac. I have done this at many hotels. Network bandwidth can be a bit slow, but it works.

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