How much is Twitter worth?  Apple rumored to have made $700 million offer last year

iTunes & App Store“Only in the bubble of Twitter-obsessed San Francisco would a buyout offer of $2.5 billion seem ‘insulting,'” Sid Yadav reports for VentureBeat. “Yet that is reportedly how executives at the microblogging startup saw an informal offer from Google and a larger offer of $4 billion from another bidder earlier this year.”

“Facebook previously made Twitter an all-stock offer of $500 million in 2008,” Yadav reports. “Apple also may have made an offer of $700 million, going as far in its due diligence as interviewing some key technical employees, last year, according to unconfirmed reports that were roundly dismissed at the time. Now that Apple has launched its own social network, Ping, and partnered with Twitter, though, those reports of Apple’s interest make far more sense.”

Yadav reports, “Everyone wants in on Twitter’s precious tweets, it seems. And the price tag keeps rising.”

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  1. The people who don’t see the value in twitter are likely the same people who saw no value in the beatles in iTunes. Like it or not, Twitter is BIG and only getting bigger.

  2. “I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member.” — Groucho Marx

    “I would not care to associate with anybody that thinks my mundane daily activities are worth following.” — iPhoner

  3. I believe this is a fad that will burn out as quickly as it burned up. It is a clever communications method but cannot sustain itself – in others words by itself, my twitting someone, produces no monetary value to the provider of the service (Twitter). So far there is no known way to make money long term from this paradigm except through advertising and that will only work if advertisers can be shown the value. And the value proposition is very doubtful.

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