Woz: I was misquoted on Android; ‘Almost every app that I have is better on the iPhone’

Nilay Patel reports for Engadget, “Some comments attributed to Steve Wozniak caused quite a kerfuffle this morning — according to Dutch paper De Telegraaf, Woz said that “Android phones have more features,” which would help Google’s OS become the dominant smartphone platform.”

“There’s just one problem, though: Woz never said anything like that,” Patel reports. “He says he’d ‘never’ say that Android was better than iOS, and that ‘Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone.'”

More info and more Woz quotes in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Steve Wozniak says Android will win the smartphone race.”
    Myth debunked! Wow. Some news outlets will do anything to discredit apple. I hate lies & injustice! I like the real decoded translation better…”Almost every app that I have is better on the iPhone.”

  2. I’m sick of the Android marketshare hype. So what? Anybody can give away their phones for market share. Nokia controls the global handset market, but you never hear about that? Why? Because it’s Apple with all the profits. Android will not be the same for Google as Windows was for Microsoft. Google does not make any money from licensing Android. Google claims Android increases its mobile ad revenue but people using iPhones use Google anyway so not sure about that argument. The various Android manufacturers are merely shifting profits from eachother not from Apple. HTC’s profits come at the expense of LG. It’s all smoke and mirrors.d

  3. RP3,

    Are you actually complaining that MDN did not post a false news item?

    Likely it sounded fishy to them, so they waited for clarification.

    Bottom line: All you got regarding this story was the truth. You ought to be praising MDN for a job well done!

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