T.J. Maxx, Marshalls offering 16GB iPad with WiFi for $399 in select stores

“Discount department store chain T.J. Maxx is carrying the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad in at least some of its stores, notably pricing the devices at $399.99, nearly $100 off of Apple’s price,” Mac Rumors reports.

“T.J. Maxx sister chain Marshalls is apparently also offering the same deal. A MacRumors reader notes that several Marshalls stores in Florida are stocking the entry-level iPad and are reportedly receiving 100 iPads per day over a three-day period,” Mac Rumors reports.

Full article here.


  1. @ Bunsen honeydew

    16GB is not that small, as long as you are NOT planning to sync your entire iTunes audio/video library onto it (which would make even 64GB too small for a lot of people).

    Most apps are relatively small in size. “Consumables” (media content) are mostly stored and retrieved from online sources these days, on demand, and does not take up storage space (except for that stuff you elect to sync from your hard drive through iTunes).

    So as long as you use your iPad to run iOS and your apps, with “data” mostly accessed from online sources, 16GB is more than enough. With iOS computers, including Apple TV, large local storage is “yesterday.”

  2. @ Heroin

    I think Apple is trying to make iPad an impulse purchase during the holidays (while shoppers are out at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls), now that they have sufficient production capacity to meet demand through “normal” channels. That’s why only the low-end model…

    And it’s Apple trying to sell as many units are possible, while the competition is hopelessly floundering around, and before releasing iPad 2.0 early next year.

    $399 is better than the Apple Certified Refurbished iPad for $449.

  3. For most people 16 GB is probably plenty. I have a bunch (though not nearly all) of my music on my 64GB iPad, along with a couple thousand full-res photos, and it’s nowhere near full. Since I stream movies with AirVideo rather than copying them, I don’t really use much space. I guess if you have a lot of games it might fill up quick, but most other things you can stream.

  4. I bought the 32GB model. I’d say I’m a relatively heavy user. The system itself reports capacity at 29GB. Lost 3 right off the bat. Even so, after using the device since the day it was released, I’ve still got 16.4GB remaining. Your mileage may vary.

  5. @ken1w

    I can’t say I agree- I think this is a desparate test to see how lowering the price will increase demand. They would not do that test if demand was high. Have to say that every Target I’ve been in has plenty of stock- I think their sales were lower than they thought and this is an attempt to bolster the numbers so they don’t miss expectations.

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