Pogue reviews Google TV: ‘An enormous step in the wrong direction’

Apple Online Store“Google TV wants to reopen the case for the whole Internet on your TV. It offers access to Web video but also has a full-blown (well, mostly blown) Web browser built in,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times. “Google TV is an operating system, based on the same Android software that’s inside many app phones.”

“At this early stage, only three gadgets have Google TV: a 46-inch Sony TV (the catchy-named NSX-46GT1, $1,400) and two devices that put it on your existing TV, a Sony Blu-ray player (NSZ-GT1, $400) and a set-top box from Logitech called the Revue (steeply priced at $300). I tried out the Sony TV and the Logitech box,” Pogue reports. “This much is clear: Google TV may be interesting to technophiles, but it’s not for average people. On the great timeline of television history, Google TV takes an enormous step in the wrong direction: toward complexity.”

Pogue reports, “It’s all customizable, unfamiliar and mostly baffling, and you don’t get a single page of instructions. (I learned how to use Google TV by shooting a fusillade of questions to the Google P.R. people — an option I’m guessing won’t be open to you.) …The problem with Google’s open approach, of course, is that it breeds inconsistency and chaos.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Googlesoft. Half-baked and ill-conceived; end-users screwed.™

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  1. Technophiles my arse! A real technophile is surely someone who appreciates elegant, innovative and imaginative technology. Android fans and their Linux-fellating geek brethren just like technology to be ugly and pointlessly complicated so they can feel like real men and revel in their own perceived intelligence when sifting through the myriad problems created by derivative, poorly-thought-out and ill-executed crap. Bah!

    And breathe….

  2. I noted “Is Google missing a part of product design?”

    Truth is, they are missing at least 2 parts: universal products and ease-of-use.

    Given the nature of the hundreds of books on innovation, invention, product & industrial design, it seems the PHDs don’t read. Instead, they think and talk to each other.

  3. I have access the web on my PS3 connected to my HDTV and hardly ever use it. The problem is twofold.

    The first problem stems from the fact that you really a totally open computer with a lot of software options so it can be used as a multi-functional tool.

    On the PS3 I can’t copy and paste, or video record part of the screen, or run a spreadsheet, or tweak some part of the OS, or burn a cd, or probe wifi signals with KisMAC or tons of other things we all take for granted with a full fledged open computer.

    The same problem arises with the iPad, it lacks a lot of open functionality to be able to morph according to what the user needs. Of course jail breaking the device then opens it up, but opens oneself to rogue code by shady sources.

    Second problem the GoogleTV will fail for the same reason the AppleTV (the old one, check your history) failed, people don’t sit close to a TV, rather they sit back and share the TV viewing with others.

    Viewing text on a computer screen requires a close up and highly concentrated amount of pixels on a 15″ or screen. HDTV’s have 1080, but the pixels are bigger for a larger screen meant to be viewed across the room so viewing text close up is all jagged.

    The only way I’ve seen the Internet work with a TV is by using projection and or a 100″ screen with high amount of pixels, higher than 1080, at that point the text is readable from across the room. Quite a expensive option for most people.

  4. It’s worth going to full article to see the Sony remote for this. OMFG FAIL. Sony makes a ton of good gadgets, but this one is fscking miserable. Bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a real keyboard, it appears to be designed so that there is no comfortable way to type on this thing except for hunt and peck. Awesome.

    Meanwhile, AppleTV. Smartphone remote or iPad remote. Nice.

    That said, too bad Google TV is such a bitch. The more good devices for streaming TV, the sooner the current model gets broken. The funny thing is the cable could have delivered all this stuff earlier, but instead of figuring out that they could seamlessly segue to the next business model, they were typical myopic suits and crapped out the turd that is “On Demand”. At least they aren’t quite as stupid as the music industry.

  5. And let’s not forget that Google has ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE for ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS! There is not a single Google product where you can talk to a human being about it. Google is absolutely, hands-down, the worst company in the entire tech industry. At least Microsoft and Dell have Indians you can talk to for tech support.

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