Bloomberg reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab: ‘Much less than the sum of its parts’

Apple Online StoreBloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky reviews Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab and finds that “it costs too much and suffers from a general lack of wow. For all its features, it’s much less than the sum of its parts.”

Jaroslovsky reports, “The screen on the Galaxy is a disappointment… You might be willing to live with the Galaxy Tab’s compromises if you were at least saving a bunch of money over an iPad. You aren’t.”

“There’s no question that Jobs and his iPad need a worthy competitor,” Jaroslovsky reports. “The Galaxy Tab just isn’t it.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, Rich, there is a question. In case you haven’t noticed, Apple didn’t “need a worthy competitor” to create the Mac or the iPod or iTunes or iTunes Store or iPhone or the iPad itself. Apple competes against Apple. They have to: It’s too easy to “compete” against the mediocre-at-best junk produced by the world’s Apple wannabes. The “Apple needs a worthy competitor” line sounds great, unless you think about it for half a second. It’s an old wives’ tale.



    Google for “Heartland America” and look at the 500Mhz $169 7″ iPad knockoff they got for sale in the computer section.

    I almost died laughing.

    Heck if the 1Ghz iPad can’t run Flash, which a lot of websites consist of, how do they think a 500Mhz processor is going to do?

    My 1Ghz Atom netbook runs Flash just fine, it’s just a problem getting Adobe to update it regularly for Linux is the problem, my Mac has no trouble naturally.

  2. @Bunches of Munches
    Lets make something crystal clear, the iPad does not run Flash by choice, not because it is not capable. Flash’s current implementation would degrade what Apple considers one of the most important aspects about it’s hardware, user experience. Why do you think the new MacBook Air is no longer shipping with Flash installed?

  3. It’s embarassing when you show your iPhone, iPad and can’t view a flash page, and your buddy takes out his cheap android device and plays it just fine. After that the person is like well that sucks you can’t do the web right.

    Remember, just about everyone who is not as techo geeky as some of us has no clue what the difference it. All they know is that Apple stuff can’t show the web right. crazy

  4. “There’s no question that Jobs and his iPad need a worthy competitor”

    Apart from the blindingly obvious (except to… ummm… most of the world, actually) fact that, as MDN has already pointed out, Apple created the iPad without competition, what’s wrong with Apple dominating the tablet market?!

    These idiots keep saying Apple “needs” competition as if there’s some serious problem with so many people using iPads, as if we desperately NEED to get back to non-Apple tablets so the world can be normal again. WTF’s with that?!

  5. Competition is NOT always good. Thats simply asinine.

    Nothing is always good. Not one single thing. Name me one.

    MDN got it right with the take here – very right.

    The best products exist because someone wanted to simply make a GREAT product – chasing some competitor will only lead to errors and short cuts.

    I find it remarkable that people dont realise that many statements in the popular press and TV are NOT right.

    Competition is often BAD.
    Education often leads to hordes of idiots – look around you.
    Violence is often the only solution, sadly, to certain problems.
    Domesticity is stifling.
    We are NOT all equal, and never will be.
    Sports is NOT good for kids.
    And on and on….

    Darwin was right.

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