Study: Apple iPad tops consumers’ holiday shopping list

“Unemployment is high and consumers are sacrificing this year but it appears that consumers still want their gadgets and they’re willing to stand in line to get them providing the price is right,” Retrevo reports. “The latest Retrevo Gadgetology study asked consumers what was on their holiday wish lists and how much they were planning to spend on gadgets and gadget accessories. We discovered that certain groups of consumers are more likely to buy electronics and shop in stores this holiday season and Black Friday.”

Retrevo reports, “When we asked consumers if they were going to be spending more, less or about the same as last year, most categories appear to be just as popular this year as last especially clothing, movies, and games. On the other hand, travel and electronics could see some changes this holiday season. Electronics shows the biggest increase and travel the biggest decline with 16% of respondents saying they will spend more on electronics and 28% saying they will spend less on travel.”

“Apple could have a very good holiday season,” Retrevo reports. “When the study asked what was on consumers’ wish lists this year the product on the top of most people’s electronics wish lists was a tablet followed closely by a laptop, HDTV set, and smartphone. Netbooks and 3DTVs were lowest on the lists.”

“More than 50% of just about everyone that responded to the study indicated they are going to buying some electronics this holiday season,” Retrevo reports. “The largest groups of gadget buyers this year include under 34 year olds, males and iPhone owners.”

Retrevo reports, “Whether it’s a sign of a recovering economy or just increasing popularity of deals, it looks like more consumers are planning on shopping both online and at the store this year compared to last year. The Gadgetology study found shopping at stores should grow from 30% last year to 35% this year while online numbers look even better rising to 43% from 33% for last Black Friday. The National Retail Federation agrees it’s going to be better this year however, twice as many respondents to the Gadgetology study said they’d rather shop online on Black Friday than go to the store.”

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  1. I accompanied about 40 people in the switch from Windows to MacOS X – for 4-6 weeks they all complained that they “don’t get it” and that maybe they should stay with Windows – but afterwards they all said “Windows – never again!”. It takes time to get past that weird thinking that Windows imposes on you …

  2. Apple is recession proof. That has been proven over and over.

    When times are tough and money is tight, there is selective mindset that looks for quality and longevity in a product. There is also a priority in what constitutes justified spending. IPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac keep us connected, in touch and productive in this everlasting technical digital age which everyone is an. Integral part of,whether they agree or not- technology is here to stay for the duration.

    Apple is the unwavering oracle of today’s technology and a leader that makes the best brilliantly simple and long lasting products, backed with top shelf unwavering quality technical support, software development and innovation that no one can come close to. Without Apple the consumer world would be a boring unworthy place, iPad is the epitome of all that’s new and fresh.

  3. @Nathaniel

    Having a computer that doesn’t break down or get a virus can be very confusing for Windows users, usually they cannot perceive of a better way of doing things.

    Kinda like old folk sadly institutionalised for many years.

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