News Corp close to revealing news publication developed especially for iPad

“News Corp is close to revealing a news publication developed especially for tablet computers like Apple’s iPad, James Murdoch confirmed on Wednesday,” Georgina Prodhan reports for Reuters. “‘It’s a tablet-only product and it’s very exciting,’ Murdoch, who heads the media group’s operations in Europe and Asia, told journalists on the sidelines of an investor conference in Spain. ‘You’ll hear more about that soon.'”

Prodhan reports, “He said it was largely a U.S. product, but declined to elaborate further.” The tablet in general, it lends itself to a type of journalism that is really new,” Murdoch said, highlighting the way print looks on tablets and the multi-touch screens that encourage interaction from readers. ‘These really are becoming our flagship products, even though they’re very much in their infancy,’ he said.”

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  1. I like Fox news, so I’ll be interested. But I defend the right of liberals to create their own news and information apps. Grow up and buy what you like- I’m happy to see the technology move forward.

  2. newscorp is all about conservative swill and opinion, nothing factual…
    Simple syllable stories aimed at dumbing down the populist readership with tabloid trash and staining reality… Look at the proposed mosque in NYC… it is actually part funded by one of the owners of NewsCorp… yet on air they deride the location as ‘sensitive’ yet fail to disclose in their story that the project is being funded by an owner of Fox…

  3. @Rob – “nothing factual” as you refer to Newscorp.

    As is typical of progressives, you then proceed to spout the Marxist/Liberal line WITHOUT A SHRED OF SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (ie nothing factual)…

    Cite your evidence of the proposed mosque being “in part funded by one of the owners of NewsCorp”. Which owner? How much funding? What is the source of your enlightened post?

    And why, pray tell, do you put “sensitive” in quotes?

    Is not the location of the murder of 3000 people juuuust a little “sensitive”?

    Where is your vaunted liberal sense of sensitivity. Your liberal ability to appreciate feelings? Your enhanced ability to appreciate the nuance of why the little people might just feel that the location of islamic terrorist murder of 3000 innocent men, women and children might be considered special?

  4. @Zul Zorander(4):And for good measure ” rel=”nofollow”>here is a picture of the Prince shaking hands with News Corp./Fox’s main shareholder Rupert Murdoch.

    BTW my response was broken up because MDN allows only two links per message. And Zul demanded his supporting evidence, though he’ll probably deny any of it is true since Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity lied to him and told him otherwise.

  5. George Soros…

    And I bet the majority here are all saying, if not contributing, to the whining about how MDN has become too political every time Obama or the democrats are bashed.

    Guess it’s true that lobs are fine with Free Speech as long as it’s the right speech!

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