Hulu Plus monthly fee cut to $7.99 from $9.99; Premium TV service debuts

Apple Online Store“Internet video company Hulu slashed the price of its subscription service Hulu Plus, which made its official debut on Wednesday,” Jennifer Saba reports for Reuters.

“Hulu knocked down the monthly cost to $7.99 from the preview price of $9.99,” Saba reports. “Users who subscribed to the preview service, which was available in June, will receive a credit for the price difference, the company said. Hulu Plus subscribers have access to premium content, including current hit TV shows ‘Glee,’ ’30 Rock,’ and ‘Modern Family,’ through a variety of devices including Apple Inc’s iPad.”

Saba reports, “The price cut underscores the stiff competition in digital media from the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and Netflix, which are all jockeying to stream movies and TV shows to people’s living rooms and mobile devices.”

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  1. Start carrying complete seasons and then maybe I’ll sign up. Carrying half season is stupid. If I decide to start watching a show 1/2 way into the season I have to resort to downloading the episodes I missed. Where’s the login in only having the last 3-5 episodes available?

  2. If they still have limited content and make you watch commercials, it’s not going to be able to compete with the free service they already offer. They should know that you can’t demand customers give you more without offering something in return.

  3. I’ve been using Netflix’s $9 monthly service (1 free month) since buying the new AppleTV and my wife & I love it. No commercials, watching movies and seasons of TV shows. Why can’t Apple do this with the media co.’s? Some of my favs, Firefly the movie and series, The Universe all 1 hour episodes commercial free, 2012, Legion they have a ton of good stuff. Wife likes Dexter series, Lost, Heroes. Come on Apple! I’d pay $25 a month easy for this service by itself, $35 for a little more.

  4. Drawbacks to Hulu Plus:
    1. They have commercials.
    2. Some of the most popular shows (like “The Apprentice” on NBC) are not available for watching on your TV, iPad, or iPhone. You have to watch them on their website on your Mac, which is no better than watching them for free on
    3. Some of the most popular shows (like “The Daily Show”) are not available at all.
    4. Most of the shows have INCOMPLETE SEASONS, so you don’t even get a full season of your favorite shows.

  5. @MacBill

    Those are the very complaints I’ve heard about Hulu Plus, which appear to not have changed. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like a viable service.


    Unfortunately, you’re right. Customers keep demanding and demanding exactly this, so until that demand can overcome media companies’ apprehension about the iTunes model, I think we’ll still be looking for workarounds. I think it will come eventually, though. It’s just a question of when.

  6. If it pits a dime in Rupert’s greedy paws it will not get my money. All Faux branded channels are blocked on all TVs in the house.
    Maybe Issa will investigate how Murdoch bought his expedited US citizenship so he could buy US TV stations years ago with a quid pro quo to then Speaker Newt Gingrich with a ‘generous’ book deal.

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