Why U.S. lawyers choose Apple Mac over Windows PC, iPhone over all others

Themis Solutions reports, “The results of our inaugural [2010] Apple in Law Firms Survey are in… The survey received 835 responses, and gave a useful sampling of responses across law firms of all sizes as well as from law students.”

Themis Solutions Inc., the provider of Clio, is a Vancouver, BC-based web services company which provides online practice management solutions to law firms.

What is your primary computer’s operating system?

What most influenced your decision to select Apple over PC products?

If you had to re-implement your office’s IT needs, would you choose to use Macs again?

What mobile devices do you currently use?

Which, if any, of the following mobile devices do you plan on switching to in the next year?

More results, including information about iPad use, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Remember the “Love you” virus? My lawyer was on Windows and got infected, had his inbox randomly emailed to his entire client list.

    He’s been on a Mac ever since. His firm switched shortly after he did. When the iPhone came out, they were early adopters. The reason I was given is that there time is too valuable to not be.

  2. Having recently graduated from law school (unemployed, of course), I can verify that the overwhelming choice of laptop in my school was Apple, and most of those were Pros.

  3. These numbers are bullshit! I wish they were true, but they are not.

    Law firms and lawyers are still very PC-centric. Macs are making inroads, but the Greenland ice sheet will probably melt before the majority of attorneys are using Macs. How do I know, I’m an IT manager at a law firm that happens to be 100% Apple and not many firms like ours exist yet.

    So where did these numbers come from? Well Clio, the firm doing the survey, provides net-based time and billing solutions. Their products are primarily used by Mac users because the time and billing software market is not mature like it is on the PC side.

    Thus, most Clio users are likely Mac users and if you survey your user base who are primarily Mac users you will likely find–you guessed it, that they are Mac users.

    So don’t think lawyers are trend setters–they are definitely not.

  4. @84 Mac Guy

    Either provide evidence for your claim that “Their products are primarily used by Mac users because the time and billing software market is not mature like it is on the PC side” or get the heck out.

  5. Hahhahahah, makes one wonder how many of these lawyers are under Apple’s payroll serving ‘diligently’ to fight off the gazillion law suits Apple goes through every bloody year over every product and service?

  6. @JakeB

    Are you involved in the legal profession? Have you gone to IT legal conferences every years (ABA’s TechShow)? Have you tried the Clio software or other SaaS software for lawyers? Have you spend years researching what types of time-billing software is available for Macs and PCs?

    If you answered “no” to any other these then you know less about the subject than I do and you should get the heck out.

    BTW, if you have a better explanation for these terribly skewed and bogus user numbers I’m happy to hear it.

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