Cryptic tweet from Verizon hints at iPhone

“Verizon’s careers Twitter account posted an unusual response to a user yesterday that may have hinted at iPhone plans,” Electronista reports.

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  1. Honest story: I’ve heard from a “reliable” source that a Verizon dealer not far from where I live said iPhones in stock by Jan. 9.

    Part of me was laughing because I couldn’t imagine that Apple would allow someone so far from Cupertino to be talking about it (or knowing about it), but the person who dished this little news to me as I showed off my iPad to her knows nothing about AT&T exclusivity deals and CDMA supply chains (all the crap we all pay attention to).

    So I’m buying it a bit with my fingers crossed . . . I so want to join the 21st century.

  2. Verizon to join the dropped calls as the customer base grows!
    The problem is that the phone companies are not ready. They have never been ready… even in the fiber optic deal they were not ready, let alone the wireless deal.

  3. …”Don’t do anything, just let it ride month to month. The wife and I did that for better than a year with no change in cost.

    That’s the worst possible advice! You are suggesting that he donate money to AT&T!

    If you don’t get a new subsidised phone immediately after becoming eligible, you are giving that subsidy money to AT&T every month.

    Unless you can switch to the ‘Go’ plan (which can be some $15-20 cheaper than the usual iPhone plan), at the end of one year, you have given AT&T at least $200 for free.

    My suggestion is, as soon as you become eligible, get a new subsidised iPhone. You can always get yourself out of that contract (ever heard of or if by some miraculous chance Apple decides to break their 5-year exclusivity contract with AT&T and make iPhone available on Verizon.

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