Macs teach many lessons at Newton North High School in Massachusetts

Apple Online Store“When Newton North High School in Newton, MA was rebuilt recently as a new, state of the art facility, a primary goal was to teach students information literacy using current technology,” Adam Rosen reports for Cult of Mac.

“With a generous budget and the opportunity to start fresh, the result is a school with five Mac-based computing labs, over 130 new iMacs, and a library that rivals one found at many colleges,” Rosen reports. “It’s enough to make any Apple user envious, and much of the potential is still untapped. ‘With a lot of this being so new,’ says Phil Golando, IT Manager, ‘we don’t even know all the ways we can use this stuff.'”

Rosen reports, “Apple has always had a strong presence in education, one that’s experienced a resurgence during the past few years after initially losing significant market share over the past decade. Golando says one reason is that Macs are intuitive, easy to setup and maintain, and tend to last longer than their PC counterparts.

Much more in the full article, including photos, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Having seen the process they went through at NNHS, I know that IT Specialist Golando had a hard time with a very entrenched bunch of PC apologists in the IT Department. Despite seeing reports and strong data about Total Cost of Ownership, etc, The PC crowd fought against a lot of the Mac Technology.

    In the end, the PC apologists gave him little support to open the 1900 Student school. Essentially, he was a one man IT department with little support for a new Fibre Optic Network, Switchess, Desktops, Carts, Laptops, LCD Projection, SmartBoards, and more.

    Cheers to All of Phil’s hard work for the students and teachers.

  2. I see hope for our kids and grandkids. My 2 and 3 year old granddaughters are very fluent on the iPads and we are working on the mouse and touch pad on the MacBooks.

    Their generation will envision what they need to get done and see several ways to get their.

    Happy future kids!

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