Google Android phones in security risk

“Certain smartphone models running Google’s Android operating system have security flaws that could allow hackers to steal personal information or record conversations, researchers said this week” Joseph Menn reports for The Financial Times.

“In a demonstration at the Black Hat security conference in Abu Dhabi, a UK researcher showed how a vulnerability in the web browser on an HTC Android phone allowed him to install an application that gave him broad control over the phone,” Menn reports.

“The Black Hat presentation was the latest in a series of findings in the past two weeks raising concerns about the security of Android phones,” Menn reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bob” for the heads up.]


  1. As Daniel Eran Dilger has pointed out so many time on his blog,, Android has no security. Google believes it’s a users’ responsibility. When they report a problem, then Google acts. Google is not responsible for anything.

  2. If this was iphone news it would allready be on cnn, bbc and every other network and blog… after a few days consumer reports would come out to and steve would be emailing “we are working on it, stay tuned” oh and yes the world would end.

  3. Have you all forgotten It took advantage of an iPhone font exploit, which allowed root access in mere seconds with a single tap, right in Safari.

    Give me a break. iPhone has its security issues too.

  4. But, but, but, it’s open source. The code will be examined by the a community of coders and a fix made available within days.

    Right. And then GoogMotoSammyHTCZTEVZE will push the patch to every affected version of Android on every device that’s every been released.

  5. The big difference between iOS security issues and Android security issues is that Apple will address and correct the problem. Google will dawdle around, blame it on handset makers, blame it on users, etc. Google isn’t interested in protecting the user, just getting the user to run a search for Android security patches/software.

  6. 80,000 Chicago Bear fans watch Minnesota Sunday on a beautiful sunny day. But not one iPhone was working because ATT can’t get their shut straight. It not a farm in Iowa is downtown Chicago. Put a truck with an antenna you knuckle heads.

  7. Please, sir, get off your high horse and wipe the manure from your boots. Everything that occurs in the tech sector–and especially to/with/by/for Apple’s direct competitors–is grist for the MDN mill. Period.

    Something new/old/good/bad for Microsoft? We want to hear about it! Something new/old/good/bad for Google? Again, we want to hear about that too!

    Don’t like it, Mike? Then don’t let the door hit you in the a** on your way out.

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