Oracle and Apple announce OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X

Oracle and Apple today announced the OpenJDK project for Mac OS X. Apple will contribute most of the key components, tools and technology required for a Java SE 7 implementation on Mac OS X, including a 32-bit and 64-bit HotSpot-based Java virtual machine, class libraries, a networking stack and the foundation for a new graphical client. OpenJDK will make Apple’s Java technology available to open source developers so they can access and contribute to the effort.

“We are excited to welcome Apple as a significant contributor in the growing OpenJDK community,” said Hasan Rizvi, Oracle’s senior vice president of Development, in the press release. “The availability of Java on Mac OS X plays a key role in the cross-platform promise of the Java platform. The Java developer community can rest assured that the leading edge Java environment will continue to be available on Mac OS X in the future. Combined with last month’s announcement of IBM joining the OpenJDK, the project now has the backing of three of the biggest names in software.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Oracle to insure that there continues to be a great version of Java on the Mac,” said Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, in the press release. “The best way for our users to always have the most up to date and secure version of Java will be to get it directly from Oracle.”

Apple also confirmed that Java SE 6 will continue to be available from Apple for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the upcoming release of Mac OS X Lion. Java SE 7 and future versions of Java for Mac OS X will be available from Oracle.

Java is a general purpose software development platform that is specifically designed to be open and enable application developers to “write once, run anywhere.” The Java platform is most widely used in business software, web and mobile applications.

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Source: Apple Inc.


  1. This is more significant that it looks. If you think Jobs bought and nurtured Next/OS X just to one day peddle small electronics only, you are a fool. Having hardcore geeks using Mac OS is very important to its development and future.

    @Googled – Adobe actually uses Java a lot in its Flash integration with various OS and platforms. Adobe simply had the “flashier” and easier to use GUI software that beat out the Java GUI suite. But for backend services and all around computing Java is more complete. To me if you have Java then Flash is redundant. But lots of designers rather work with Adobe scripts and tags then learning Java.

  2. The outrage was drummed up by all of those MDN stores about Apple taking over the enterprise.

    People don’t realise that 50% of the news on this site is incredibly biased and the rest is just made up.

  3. This is the way it should have been all along. Sun screwed Apple over with poor cooperation on Java for Mac. Here we see a benefit of Oracle now owning Java.

    We also see elements of Java going Open Source. The whole thing should be Open Source! Some day…

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