Microsoft ad jabs Apple; shows Mac envious of Windows 7’s Blu-ray

Electronista reports, “Microsoft last night posted a video taking a mild jab at Apple for the lack of Blu-ray on Macs. The roughly minute-long spot personifies a MacBook and a Windows 7 notebook on a flight and has the Windows system play a Blu-ray copy of Avatar that the both of them enjoy. The Mac isn’t criticized but is clearly envious, saying that the movie is ‘so cool.'”

“Microsoft’s promo notably omits the [Mac users’] download option, which would negate some of the advantage. iTunes is currently limited to 720p instead of Blu-ray’s 1080p, but both can produce surround sound and have access to special features. The Windows 7 user would have access to other digital movie stores, but with Blu-ray would have to purchase the disc to practically take it on a flight as well as own a heavier, relatively expensive notebook,” Electronista reports. “The Mac user could rent an iTunes download and wouldn’t need an optical drive at all or to chew battery life through spinning an optical drive.”

Full article, with the video, here.


  1. This is in essence the problem inherent in a locked down system where modifications no matter how advantageous are positively frowned upon. If SJ decrees that Blue Ray is ‘dead on arrival’ then necessarily this must be the truth. No ifs, no buts, take your pain medicine & you will like it.

  2. Before I go on a trip, I rent movies on iTunes on my MackBook Pro. Why would I want to take a $20-30 Blu-ray disc with me? You cannot back up a Blu-ray disc (legally), so you are stuck bringing the original. If the original is lost or broken, you are screwed. Steve is right, it is a bag of hurt.

  3. Missing one point though.

    Airplane, can’t exactly stream from iTunes…

    Id love to have blu ray in my mbp but I just rip them instead of use the disc.

    I agree that most winblows laptops prob couldn’t play the whole movie on just a battery, but at least 1st class plane seats normally have power outlets.

    I would love to buy my new iMac with a blu ray drive… I can understand a MacBook not having one (somewhat) but an iMac.. They should at least be able to order one with a blu ray drive.

    I am all for streaming, but not everyone has an Internet connection 100% of the time.
    When I go fishing/camping for 3 weeks in the woods… I don’t have Internet to be able to stream.

    Then again, that’s why I rip the movies…
    Still haven’t purchased or rented any iTunes movies/tv. Rent/netflix/rip only way to go

  4. But if you have a >40 inch screen and a good 5.1 surround system, there ain’t nothing like a good BR.

    Also if you are a content creator and need an end-to-end 1080p HD delivery solution, it’s hard to beat BR.

    For everything else, the streaming or iTunes stuff is perfect.

  5. peter.s.: And they are really proud of making this spot with Windows PC only?

    Well, don’t the production values quite exactly reflect that fact…? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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