How Dell can make things even worse for Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘07

Visit for the best protective cases!“Microsoft is spending big money promoting Windows Phone 7, but it takes more than an ad budget to prod consumers into buying a sophisticated product. Just ask Vista, or Zune, or Bing, or KIN,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted. “On the other hand, its partner Dell is doing something even more terrible to WP7: blindly adopting it wholesale [by abandoning their BlackBerries].”

“The problem with Dell moving to WP7 is that Dell is an actual company that needs to perform,” Dilger writes. “Once a build-to-order manufacturing paragon, Dell isn’t doing so well anymore. It does have strong allegiances to Microsoft however, even after the company destroyed the smoldering runs of the Dell Ditty by crushing PlaysForSure under the Zune, or after yanking the rug on Windows Mobile to throw down WP7.”

Dilger writes, “The worst thing for WP7 right now would be being thrown into the spotlight as an epic failure. Even if the crisis doesn’t become public, it will have an expensive, corrosive effect on Dell, Microsoft’s closest PC partner and only major PC/phone partner. After all, the other major PC maker, HP, has just purchased its own mobile platform from Palm and abandoned WP7. WP7 might make an acceptable replacement for Samsung’s Bada or a Linux phone or an LG Chocolate, but it’s not a BlackBerry replacement.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. “…but it takes more than an ad budget to prod consumers into buying a sophisticated product. Just ask Vista, or Zune, or Bing, or KIN,”

    Vista, Zune, and Kin were sophisticated products?!?!?

    Vista was a turd, even for Windows fans. Zune was an iPod rip-off, so it was actually a quite familiar concept to consumers. Kin was hardly differentiated from the other flotsam and had a creepy ad campaign.

  2. An ad budget isn’t enough? Last night Bones used an unidentified WP7 device (they showed the screen as she poked it) to call back to the Smithsonian for some sort of assistance or something. Sorry … I was so stunned by the product placement that I lost track of the story-line for a few seconds.

  3. DLMeyer,

    That was a blatant paid product placement. They wasted 5 seconds of valuable screen time showing how WP7 works without it having any connection to the plot.

    No TV director would give up that time unless there was a sweaty wad of cash involved as well.

  4. The mistakes keep piling up, for both companies. The only tech companies that can execute are Apple and Google, and the latter relies on plagiarism, which is going to bite them in the butt.

  5. @DLMeyer
    I know… She had to tap like 4 times to make a call. On the iPhone it’s just contacts and call, there! I thought WP7 was sopose to be faster ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. saw that bones episode too. really threw me off when they showed the wp7 phone. caused me to forget about the plot momentarily. why show somebody punching buttons when all she is doing getting back to her office??

  7. There is a very clear difference in product placement between Apple’s products and everyone else’s products. You see, when a production designer chooses props for a contemporary show, almost EVERY time he/she will choose an iMac, a MacBook(Pro), an iPhone/iPod, if the character that is using the prop is the protagonist or any of his/her sidekicks/supporters. The only time production designer would go with a non-Apple (i.e. generic gray/black) device would be to give it to the antagonist/foil. Most often, Apple doesn’t need to approach a studio that produces some prime time TV show in order to coax them into product placement. Almost EVERY single main character in virtually ALL current popular shows has a MacBook(Pro) and an iPod, and that’s likely even written in the script.

    Meanwhile, non-Apple companies routinely work with production companies and negotiate very attractive (for the studio) product placement contracts. Production designers aren’t really big fans of these; they usually try to work them into the production design without disrupting their visual style, and it is most often some sort of compromise. The money that comes in is the only reason for such compromises.

    Oftentimes, Apple doesn’t even pay for such product placement. The script requires a character to use an iPhone to uncover some sinister plot, and Apple’s only involvement is their Legal dept. approving the script and the placement.

  8. at the end credits on bones it said promitional by microsoft and the same thing on NCIS LA

    You can bet MS is paying huge bucks to do that. kind of funny when everyone else is using an iphone

  9. Dell is toast. They are the shrinking company. They rely on Microsoft…enough said. Microsoft will hold on in the corporate market for a few years more, but its mobile and home-computing consumer platforms will languish.

    Windows 7 sucks just as much as Vista did. The sales figures are mostly smoke and mirrors. Microsoft’s usurious licensing practices strong arm their licensees into buying Windows 7. 70% of these companies will “never” deploy Windows 7 because they know it sucks ass.

    Consumers are tired of endless upgrades, reboots, performance issues, viruses, high-prices and constant and intrusive monitoring from paranoid Microsoft watchdogs.

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