Steve Jobs: Next version of Final Cut Studio due early next year

“A new version of Final Cut Studio is coming soon, according to a brief e-mail from Apple CEO Steve Jobs,” MacNN reports.

“‘A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year,’ a terse message sent from Jobs’ iPad reads,” MacNN reports. “The mail was sent in response to a complaint from a post-production consultant, Dustyn Gobler, who argued that companies need to know Apple’s software roadmap in order to properly invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Ballmer’s left nut,
    The Xserve wasn’t a workstation, it was a server.
    Apple has arguably the best Pro workstation available on the market, so you statement makes even less sense. (if that is possible)
    And as for avid, no one in the industry who already isn’t tied to that albatross is going back, trust me on that.

  2. @Uncle Fester’s Cousin

    “Apple has arguably the best Pro workstation available on the market”.

    I truly hope that was sarcasm. I mean, you are aware that Apple doesn’t even have one single professional graphics card in their current line-up, do you? Just go to the forums at NVIDIA and see how happy Apple Pro-users are about the lack of proper drivers. BTW, there are no pro cards from AMD/ATI either.

    Also, your comment about AVID is…somewhat laughable. Do you think people will stay with stuff like FCP just because Apple is so cool, or what? I tell you what, since Apple’s catastrophic stunt with Shake (and the failed promise of Tremor) more and more studios in Tinseltown started to look at Apple in a very different light. And the same can be said of FCP; Apple doesn’t really talk to the studios, show roadmaps etc, nor do they fix long known bugs (XDCAM EX, gamma conversions, anyone?). Now, Avid may be known for their overpriced suites and overall arrogance – but I can assure you that many studios prefers this, over Apple’s silence and unpredictability.

    Just sayin’

  3. @miko
    I am sure Nvidia is convinced that their Quadro series is a pro card.
    Seems to run Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, etc. pretty well on my MacPro. But then again I am just a working pro in the FX and animation industry… what do I know.

  4. Apple definitely could use some more transparency and continuity in the Pro markets. Xserve was a valuable product, maybe not large volume sales, but important ones. I’ve got 3 small studio projects that I’ve designed going in next year that are (or at least, were) Xserve/Final Cut Server back ends with fiber channel XSAN and multiple Mac Pro Workstations for both ingest and editing. I can’t get a fiber card in a Mini, and the Mac Pro, although it would do the job, would eat up a ton of rack space. Neither has redundant power supplies, either.

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