So-called ‘Hulu for Magazines’ plans early 2011; won’t work on iPad; ‘Android is very important’

“Next Issue Media, the ‘Hulu for Magazines’ joint venture, plans to have its digital storefront open early next year. But you won’t be able to shop there if you’ve got an iPad,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“Next Issue’s initial incarnation will only work for devices running Google’s Android software, CEO Morgan Guenther tells me,” Kafka reports.

“It’s not a technical issue, Guenther says, because ‘we’re ready to support Apple as well,’ and he says he’s confident that will happen,” Kafka reports. “But ‘Android is a very important tablet platform, and a very important platform for smartphones.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google doesn’t even have a version of Android that they recommend using for tablets. If this guy keeps babbling, his “confidence” is supporting Apple may soon wane as he confronts the reality that Steve Jobs doesn’t much like working with big-mouthed loose cannons.


  1. Too bad NextIssueMedia wants to leave so much cash just out of reach. Sounds like they could have deployed both and let the sales numbers speak for themselves.

    Wonder how much cash Google sent their way to delay the iPad/iPhone support? Someone check Guenther’s bank account for a large sum googled to him

  2. “But ‘Android is a very important tablet platform . . . .”

    What? WHAT?? W-H-A-T???

    Is that the smell of self-delusion in the air? Looks to me, at least, as if Mr. Guenther needs to run–not walk–to his nearest psychoanalyst without delay. If he truly believes what he says in the above article, he needs some serious COUCH TIME!

  3. I love Zinio on my iPad. There are a huge selection of magazines and subscription prices are discounted. The app keeps getting better all the time. I can also view my magazines on my Mac, though I prefer the iPad experience by far. Zinio readers are available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and building. Many of the magazines have enhanced digital versions with audio, video, picture gallery, and other added content.

    Competition is great, and I think the upstart Hulu will have to get on the tablet platform with the biggest share of the market by far (iPad) to have a prayer of succeeding against Zinio and others who are already doing a great job and getting better all the time.

  4. Apple does not want to get into the business of allowing publishers to sell your click statistics of what you read tied to your name to third parties, because they believe in protecting a consumers’ right to privacy and permission based marketing.

    Google will allow your name to be tied to a subscription and sold to third parties who will know everything you read and there is nothing you can do about it.

  5. I talked to an American Manga publisher last week about this very issue. She said that they’re developing for Android first because it’s cheaper and there is no approval program to get through, you just create the App and it starts making money. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Her thought was that if the app started getting attention on Android then Apple would take notice and approve an iOS version in less than the 6 months they quoted her.
    If this is true, it makes sense, at least in theory. The problem is getting attention on Android when their tablets are so far totally unproven. It all comes down to money and time, which developers are still seeing as a premium to get to iOS.

  6. Hulu on my iPad, less than optimum experience I took it off.
    Zineo on my iPad, it’s great I have 6 magazine subscriptions I paid for ( ave cost probably 12$ a year per)

    And everyone already jumped on thus but what android tablet market is he talking about? That being said at least he didn’t try to use all those tablets using windows that ballmer told us about in January. But still…wonder what color the sky is on his planet?

  7. To anyone with half a functioning brain, it is clearly obvious that these guys are trying very hard to prop up Android. Their target market is tablet computing devices. Right now, there is no dispute that there is exactly ONE such device on the market, with another similar, but much smaller, just entering the market. The sole tablet device has already sold several million units, while the other has yet to start selling in meaningful numbers.

    In addition, when it comes to mobile phones and similar devices, we have one unified platform that is currently in the hands of over 100 million users. On the other hand, we have another fragmented platform with half the number of users on myriad of devices of different screen sizes, button configurations and OS versions. In addition to the sheer market share numbers, data shows that the iOS platform has much more attractive demographics (higher average income, higher average disposable income, higher average online spending habits, higher average media spending) than the other, fragmented platform.

    If you are trying to run a successful business targeting mobile devices, if you have any brains, you’ll choose the dominant one first, then go to the inferior one later.

    There is only ONE reason why someone would be foolish enough to target the significantly inferior market first: if some big proponent of that market is paying massive amounts of money for such a move. Otherwise, you are, as a business person, an idiot.

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