Seattle iPad app developer gets a call from Steve Jobs

“Frustrated by Apple’s rejection of his iPad app, Seattle developer Ram Arumugam e-mailed Chief Executive Steve Jobs,” Sharon Pian Chan reports for The Seattle Times.

“Two hours later, he picked up a phone call and heard: ‘Ram, this is Steve,'” Chan reports. “Jobs was on the other end.”

Chan reports, “The two talked about Arumugam’s app, called ‘Economy for iPad,’ and why it was rejected by Apple [it has since been approved].”

Full article here.

Arumugam’s blog post about the encounter here.


  1. One point that MDN and the other comments miss: This is not some random developer. He is the CEO of a company (Cascade Software) that has three top selling apps in the store already. I think that most CEOs will take or return calls with big suppliers that are making money for them. That said, I can’t even begin to believe that monkey boy could intelligently discuss his system.

  2. Can Steve Jobs pull rank in Apple in a way that allows something in violation of the rules to be included in the App store?

    Surely the person who is in charge of removing the app has higher authority on this specific matter than Steve?? Like a fireman whose authority exceeds the governors when a house is burning…

  3. I have no doubt that, theoretically speaking, Steve could “pull rank” and override some policy, if he so chose. Anyone who knows how he operates will know that this will never happen, though. He is the mind behind all decisions, and surely, it was with his blessing that the “no private API” policy existed in the first place.

    Even if if weren’t, he firmly stands behind the company, and will always passionately argue his (their) stand. Obviously, in this case, he was persuasive enough to get the guy to re-work his app around the bug/limitation.

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