Rare ‘Apple-1’ computer sold by Steve Jobs from parents’ garage goes on sale for £150,000

“The first ever Apple computer that company founder Steve Jobs sold from his parents’ garage is up for sale – for a whopping £150,000,” The Daily Mail reports. “There were about 200 examples of the original ‘Apple-1’ that were launched in 1976 and only a few survive today.”

“They came with a tiny 8K memory – 524,000 times less than is standard with today’s Apple computers. It would not have the capacity to store one song,” The Daily Mail reports. “This example will be the first ever to be sold by a major auction house when it goes under the hammer at Christie’s of London.”

“Incredibly it comes with the original packaging, instruction manuals and a signed letter by billionaire Jobs, who is still head of the company. The Apple-1s were the first fully pre-assembled computer to be produced, but even so did not come with a monitor or keyboard,” The Daily Mail reports. “Museums and a new breed of collector are desperate to get their hands on these early examples. Early geeks would have had to part with $666.66 (£410) to buy one of the first Apples.”

The Daily Mail reports, “Julian Wilson, from Christie’s, said: ‘Steve Jobs sold these from his parents’ garage and there is a growing appreciation of the history of computing – and this is where home computers started. And finding one in this condition is unheard of.’ The sale at Christie’s in London is on November 23.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chas” for the heads up.]


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