It’s official: Apple’s iTunes Ping in pact with Twitter

From Twitter’s official blog:

Every day, millions of people use Twitter to follow and share what they care about. Twitter users now send over 95 million Tweets a day, many of which are about the music they’re listening to.

Starting today Ping, iTunes’ new social network for music, and Twitter are making it even easier for people to share music discoveries with their friends by putting Ping activity, song previews and links to purchase and download music from the iTunes Store right in their Tweets on

How does it work?
On Ping you can easily link to your Twitter account to instantly find Ping users among the people you already follow on Twitter.

Once you’ve linked the accounts, whenever you Post, Like, Review, or tell your friends why you purchased a song or album on Ping, this activity will also be tweeted to your Twitter followers – complete with playable song previews and links to purchase and download music from iTunes.

When you click on a Tweet that’s sent via Ping or that contains an iTunes link, you’ll see the song or album in Twitter’s details pane, with the ability to listen to song previews from iTunes, making the experience even richer.

iTunes song previews are available on in the 23 countries where the iTunes Store offers music.

Source: Twitter


  1. Ping has become malware. You can’t even buy a song on iTunes without a pop-up asking if you want to enter Ping or get into th Genius portion of iTunes. I don’t want friggin’ Ping, Genius or anything else in iTunes except what I want out of it. How do you turn the Ping malware off?

  2. @ silverhawk – I bought an album on iTunes yesterday. My transaction went just like normal, with none of the annoyances you described, no mention at all of Ping or Genius or anything.

    The latest version of TinkerTool includes iTunes 10 related “hidden” options, some of which can switch off Ping-related stuff. No idea if that will fix the issues you’re describing (which sound a bit exaggerated, IMO), but regardless, you might want to give it a look:

  3. Dear Apple,

    I so look forward to the day when you will realize that not everyone is a 16yrs old retard with nothing to do but hangin out with all of their 3087 virtual friends, telling them what shoes you’re wearing, what music you’re listening to or how much you hate your roommate.

    Can we please get a version of your OS sans all the social shitness, pretty please? At least give us a possibility to turn off all the crap in the preferences. Thankyou.

  4. I’m with you, but the marketing & advertising people write off anyone over 35 despite the fact that we are the ones with the $.
    They figure that by that age buying habits & prefs are pretty much set. Combine that with the fact that most parents seem to be letting their kids lead them around by the nose on many things makes them very lucrative to FarceBook, MyNavelSpace, Twitter, Ping & all the rest.
    All I ask is an unhidden pref box to turn the shit off.

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