iPads arrive for Saskatchewan cabinet; Premier Wall calls devices ‘life-changing’

“Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall convenes the first cabinet meeting where his ministers brought iPads to the session,” CBC News reports.

“The portable computer devices have been touted as a way to conserve paper and reduce courier costs,” CBC News reports. “Wall and his cabinet of 17 ministers were each issued an iPad. A handful of senior bureaucrats were also provided with one of the devices for a total cost to taxpayers of about $23,000.”

CBC News reports, “It was earlier estimated that the annual savings could amount to about twice that initial outlay… ‘Frankly, this technology is pretty easy to use,'” Wall said. ‘And can be life-changing in terms of the number of binders we usually have in our lives.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Art S.” for the heads up.]


  1. “I hope that this means that fewer trees will be felled and less petrol chemicals used in preserving via coating wood by products.”

    All business is conducted with paper contracts. That hasn’t changed in 40 years of computing.

  2. @ mike. The situation you describe is changing rapidly. Emails are now legally binding, if you are a large business operating across continents then you probably have your emails digitally signed.
    Finally I clearly stated “fewer trees”, not all tree felling. Would you like me to read this back to you? so that you can understand it better?

  3. “All business is conducted with paper contracts. That hasn’t changed in 40 years of computing.”

    Well, I e-signed for our six-figure cloud-based mac-friendly ERP system (NetSuite.com), so maybe a few things have changed…

  4. @ NHL,

    “But I still cannot, without blushing, say the name of Saskatchewan’s capital city.”

    Go ahead, say it, it’s easy, it rhymes with Vagina, you can do it, say it.

  5. @ Ballmer’s left nut,

    “No wonder Canada never wins at anything.”

    How about ‘The War Of 1812’?

    While you’re Googling the war of 1812 look up ‘why is the White House painted white?’

  6. RIM is slapping MS in the smartphone arena? I’m sorry we must live in alternate universes then. How is it possible that a company pursuing firesale tactics like BOGO & slashing the price of the Torch by half put up credible opposition to WP7 which had its most successful launch ever. Sucks to be #5 out of 5 which is where RIM is at the moment.

  7. Ballmer’s left nut…
    “No wonder Canada never wins at anything”

    We win at refining the oil you probably use daily to fill your monstrous SUV up to haul your fugly fat friendless unemployed ass up to the local KFC to gorge on grease buckets and pails of sugar water, no small wonder you are borderline retarded, all that cholesterol, salt and sugar, good thing is, is when your lard ass finally collapsed under its own weight you can take pride that at the very least you`ve employed some American workers, namely the house framer to build a custom monstrous plywood coffin and the bulldozer driver to push your rotted bulk into its burial pit.

    I`m truly amazed that some barefoot rube such as yourself even has 56K dialup in order to post here, then again there are libraries I guess.

  8. As I look back fondly on 2010 I will recall with particular glee November 8th the day we launched WP7; the day we brought the house of cards that RIM is built on crashing to the ground. If you want to know how successful WP7 was on launch day you only have to look at Dell canning 25,000 BBs in favor of our flavor of smartphones.

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