Apple patent application reveals quest for simplified remote computing

“Future devices from Apple could allow users to quickly and seamlessly transfer work and personal files from one system and platform to another, allowing any computer to temporarily become a personal computer,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week published a new patent application from Apple entitled ‘Mirrored File System,'” Hughes reports. “The document describes ‘recruiter’ and ‘volunteer’ machines that would allow certain tasks, and accompanying files, to be quickly delegated to another networked computer.”

Hughes reports, “The application was made public after a rumor earlier this month alleged that Apple is exploring “remote computing” technology in its next-generation iPhone.”

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  1. You can already sort of do this in Mac OS X with X-Grid, The Patent looks like Apple is working on a simpler more general user uses of a next generation X-Grid technology. Grid computing is much more needed for Mobile computing then Cloud Computing is for a standard desktop User. If you tap your Home computer and edit a HD movie in Final Cut Studio on your iPhone or iPad and your home computer was doing all the heavy lifting processing. Think of the possibilities there much more viable then a cloud based system would be were you are paying for bandwidth, usage and storage just like we did in the old days with mainframe computers and timesharing.

    Mainframe Timesharing = Cloud Computing with a different UI then the old Mainframes

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