ZTE PEEL Brings Sprint’s 3G network to Apple iPod touch starting Nov. 14

Beginning on Nov. 14, Sprint customers can attach ZTE PEEL to their Apple iPod touch and connect to Sprint’s 3G network. ZTE PEEL is a unique device that cradles the second- and third-generation iPod touch with a case-like form factor. With universal Wi-Fi compatibility and support for up to two Wi-Fi enabled devices, iPod touch users will have a virtually anywhere, anytime Internet connection that removes the reliance on a Wi-Fi hotspot for a data connection. Customers simply slide their iPod touch (touch-screen face out) into ZTE PEEL, press down on both sides until it clicks into place, and then press the power button located on the back of ZTE PEEL to connect to Sprint’s 3G network.

ZTE PEEL will be available beginning Sunday, Nov. 14, through Sprint retail stores and direct ship sales channels, including Web sales (http://www.sprint.com) and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) for $79.99 (taxes excluded). The ZTE PEEL $29.99 monthly service plan from Sprint allows up to 1GB of 3G data on the Sprint network (taxes and surcharges excluded) with no annual contract required.

“ZTE PEEL unlocks the wonderful user interface and Web experience of Apple’s popular iPod touch and transforms it into a powerful mobile device using the Sprint 3G network,” said Fared Adib, vice president-Product Development. “When combined with Sprint’s 3G network, ZTE PEEL turns an iPod touch from a portable device limited by the availability of Wi-Fi to a mobility tool free to browse the Web and use applications anytime, anywhere while on Sprint’s 3G network.”

Key features of ZTE PEEL include advanced security through WEP, an internal antenna and compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. No software installation is required for use.

“ZTE is proud to continue to grow our relationship with Sprint, and we are excited to bring this ground-breaking product to Sprint’s already innovative portfolio,” said Joey Jia, general manager-ZTE USA, in the press release. “We are committed to providing our partners with products that drive consumer demand and present a competitive edge.”

The nationwide Sprint 3G network provides access to a full range of apps that require internet connectivity to perform, including VOIP, gaming, streaming news and real-time sports updates. With ZTE Peel supporting up to two hotspot connections, users can also enable laptops, tablets and other mobile devices with 3G data speeds.

ZTE PEEL will operate on the Sprint 3G network, and customers can be confident in their ability to stay connected. According to the results of a 13-city test conducted by PC World on 3G performance, no one has a more reliable network than Sprint. For the second consecutive year, Sprint’s reliability rates were second-to-none.

PC World’s test involved Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in 13 major cities in all regions of the country during December 2009 and January 2010. In all, roughly 9,000 individual tests of Sprint’s 3G service were conducted from 280 testing locations. Testing sessions were one minute in duration per location, and network performance can be highly variable from neighborhood to neighborhood. In laptop-based tests, Sprint tied with another carrier for first in 3G network reliability.

With the Sprint Free Guarantee, customers can take advantage of ZTE PEEL for 30 days. If not completely satisfied, customers may return the device within 30 days to get reimbursed for the device purchase and activation fee, get the restocking fees waived, and receive a full refund for the monthly service plan charges.

Source: Sprint


  1. Um, why get this when you can get the virgin mobile 2200 which uses the Sprint data network, allows up to 5 devices, unlimited data, and no monthly contract for only $10 more…?

  2. Wow. I mean wow. People are that desperate for an iPhone on something other than AT&T. What a lost opportunity for Apple. Whatever it takes to get out of the AT&T exclusivity agreement has got to be worth every penny. Or maybe this is a way of stretching the limited supply of iPhones. Or maybe the margins on iPods are better. But to allow the likes of ZTE to get away with this? Is this really an authorized accessory? Just wow.

  3. @Famous Grouse
    I didn’t follow the link because I am not interested in the product. But if the PEEL is merely a Wi-Fi hotspot sleeve for the iPod touch that does not directly interface with the dock connector, then why would they need to get Apple authorization? Conversely, if it does interface with the iPod touch through the dock, then they must have an agreement with Apple.

  4. don’t know how these things work. does anyone know if this will work as hotspot for my MacBookPro in the high seas? I’m going on a cruise and planning to use this for internet access in international waters.

    1. I am using an iPad SIM card in my iPhone 3gs for 3g data, 25 dollars a month for two gigs. I use Textfree with Voice.app for texts and calls (free app) (free minutes). Its solid over WiFi at home and the 3G is not bad for calls and texts on the go. Either way I pay 25 dollars a month for calls, text and data on an iphone.

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