Steve Jobs on AirPrint: ‘It hasn’t been pulled. Don’t believe everything you read’

Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac, “So that report last night of AirPrint being pulled from 10.6.5. Yeah, it might not be true.”

Weintraub reports, “A MacForums member posted this purported email exchange with the Apple CEO [in which Jobs states], ‘AirPrint has not been pulled. Don’t believe everything you read.'”

“Of course there is significant room for interpretation there. Being pulled and being able to only use certain HP printers are two separate things which Jobs doesn’t delineate,” Weintraub reminds readers.

Full article here.


  1. What did I say in the previous thread? I’m using it NOW!
    It is not going away. Stupid “dev’s” that don’t know shit post this crap when they can’t figure out how to do this stuff. $99 buys lots of morons on the dev site!

  2. And, BTW, the “being only able to use certain printers” refers to those that have built-in Wifi at the moment. I share lots of varying printers off of my Macs that all worked great!
    Chillax and let it roll folks…it’s good.

  3. The original story quoted an unnamed Apple source as saying that support for shared network printers had been “cancelled” for Mac and Windows, and insinuated that support had been dropped from the 10.6.5 update. Steve didn’t address this in his email response, he just said it was still in iOS 4.2, which could be interpreted as meaning HP AirPrint printers will work, but possibly not network printers. We’ll know soon enough.

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