‘Glassgate’ hits iPhone 4 case makers as Apple suspends slide-on case sales

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!“Apple’s retail stores have suspended sales of iPhone 4 slider cases because of concerns about trapped dirt causing scratches and cracks — the so-called ‘Glassgate’ issue,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac. “The ban is impacting at least half-a-dozen case makers who expected to have a blockbuster holiday season, said a source who works in the case industry and asked for anonymity.”

“At least one manufacturer has hundreds of thousands of battery pack cases that have been certified by Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ program — but are not currently available on its store shelves,” Kahney reports.

“As first reported by Ryan Block of Gdgt, Apple is investigating whether the constant action of sliding cases on and off the glass-backed iPhone can cause scratches and eventually cracks, said the source,” Kahney reports. “The iPhone 4′s back is not made from the same toughened Corning Gorilla Glass used on the front. The Glassgate issue is not affected by snap-on cases, our source said.”

Kahney reports, “Apple is slowly evaluating each and every iPhone 4 case at a secret case testing facility. Some may be approved before the holidays. It’s literally on a case-by-case basis (pun intended), the source said.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our iPhone 4s are InvisibleSHIELD’ed and sometimes also in Apple Bumper cases. After months of use, there’s not a scratch on any of them. If you use a slide-on case, have you had any issues with the iPhone 4’s glass back?


  1. I’m wondering. Is the fear that some grit will cause a scratch similar to one made by a glass cutter tool? Id such a scratch appeared I guess the glass could crack on the score line with enough pressure. Having worked cutting stained glass for crafts, I suspect such an inevitability is probably less than a toilet dunking or shattering fall; possible but exceedingly rare.
    Much ado about nothing I suspect.

  2. I have a Speck film on the rear, with an Apple bumper, nothing on the front, no scratches. I was concerned about the rear from the beginning.

    If there is a problem, I expect Apple will make the rear from Gorilla glass and be done with it.

  3. My iPhone 4 doesn’t have a scratch on it, but then why would it. I put the case on and have only taken it off once or twice. What are these people doing taking them off and putting them on constantly??? The bottom section (about an inch high) does come off every now and again so I can put the phone on my iHome, but still, no scratches…

  4. I’ve had a Belkin slide on case on my iPhone 4 since day one. There are no signs of wear what so ever. It still looks brand new! Also, I dropped it on concrete and it took it like a champ! I think there’s a lot more to this story.

  5. Nothing but the shysters grasping at straws. The know this is a blowout Q. They are jittery over when the revised estimates come out. This will be a 20 million unit iPhone sales quarter.

    Eps will be at least $6.20 per share.

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