Apple’s massive new $1 billion data center to become hub for all-streaming broadcast network?

“Where others saw nothing beyond a pitched battle pitting peer-to-peer networks selling stolen music versus generic but expensive CDs in hermetically sealed cases, Steve Jobs saw iTunes,” Bob Evans writes for InformationWeek.

“Where others saw smartphones and notebooks converging into hybrid devices that offered nothing new and often failed to match up to the performance of either original product, Steve Jobs saw the iPad,” Evans writes. “And now, where others regard the nascent generation of sprawling new data centers as little more than highly automated powerhouses for online operations, Steve Jobs could well be seeing a new broadcasting network.”

Evans writes, “While others might call Apple’s nearly complete $1-billion facility a data center, Jobs might be calling it his all-digital, all-customizable, all-streaming, and all-Apple broadcasting system and network of the future.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “W.T.Effyall” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve been saying this for years. If Apple ever offers (through iTunes and Apple TV) unlimited music, TV shows, and movies – streaming, on-demand, the entire catalog of each category ever released – I will be the first in line. I don’t care if it’s $200 a month.

    Imagine being able to think, “Hey, I’d like to watch/listen x, y, or z”, and whatever it is, you can do it.


  2. I just checked.. is the address that links to the AppleTV site. Kind of a no brainer, but cool nonetheless.

    If Apple wanted to, they could get the ATV into about 20 million homes and pitch the networks:

    “Hey, its just a tiny sliver of the market, let’s try it out..”

    Remember the iPod?

  3. I’ve been saying this since the beginning: Apple hates diluting their brand with the frustrating, expensive and unfair dealings of Mobile carriers. This datacenter is not for building a content network. There’s too many obstacles to overcome with content owners. No, this datacenter is for Apple’s VoIP service, coming next year to Mobile Me subscribers. Apple’s been determined since the beginning to turn the carrier’s into the dumb pipes they deserve to be. This is them making that happen. Remember, you saw it here first.

  4. Strange idea. It is as if the writer can only see the old network model and thinks an Apple server farm must be to recreate the same thing on line.

    So far, the Apple way has been to provide tools for being creative and quality hardware on which to do it. They have not succumbed to providing pabulum for the masses or to controlling the experience in ways that limit the choices the users really want.

    I hope things stay that way. It will be something of the future all right. I don’t think labeling it broadcasting or network has much meaning.

  5. @John Smith
    VOIP is already available. The data center is just for Apple to continue to be Apple. I am sure Mobile Me will be part of it. Devices that can compete with larger computers with less resources and more portability. This continues to be the course.

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