Reminder: Apple’s .Mac Homepage shuts down today

“In April of 2009, Apple announced the pending discontinuation of its .Mac Homepage service,” Dave Caolo reports for TUAW.

“A formal date was set in October, and that date is today,” Caolo reports. “Your sites won’t be gone for good, however. To find them, open your iDisk and navigate to the Sites folder.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Thanks for the reminder!
    Oh well, catch my photos on that server while they are still up.

    . . . don’t forget to click on the links on top of the other pages. (news, sports, celebrities, Angels, Dodgers . . .)

  2. Other Steve, some really nice photos! I assume you took them all? Loved the cooling off in summer one, the Brush fire 405, the bullet hole in the front door window and the swinging from treehouse ones the most!

  3. Thanks. Yes, I shot all the photos. I’ve been working for the Press-Telegram in Long Beach California for over 17 years now, smaller papers for a number of years before that.
    I put the old .mac site together a long time ago to show my friends what I do for a living. It hasn’t been updated for years now (due only in part to the fact that I haven’t been able to do so for awhile now)

    I guess it’s time to make another one in in iWeb, or iPhoto, or Aperture or something.

  4. I also use the .mac email account. Not sure how long it will be around. Kind of worried it will go by way of the .mac homepage. I always thought Apple should have stuck with .mac rather than .me. Just my two cents.

  5. If you think you are “using” a “.mac” email address, you are mistaken. Apple has been sending all your e-mail to your “.me” address since they made that change. They weren’t so talkative about that detail, though, so I’m not surprised you missed it.
    About “.mac” vs “.me” … the former is self-limiting. It shouts “Mac User” loud and clear. The “.me” may seem a bit ego-centric (to some) but really only says “not affiliated with a corporation” to most people. What do you think your “.employer” or “.cable-company” says about you? Most Windows users have no idea that “.me” is an Apple brand.

  6. If I read the announcement correctly I believe “shut down” is a bit misleading. If you created a page using .mac’s homepage service – it’s true those pages will cease to function.

    However if you’ve uploaded your own self-created pages or web site that is self-contained within the iDisk “Sites” folder – those will continue to be functional. Address at

    We’ll see tomorrow…

  7. From what I remember about Apple’s original announcement that they would soon end support, they made a point to say they would NOT end existing email addresses.

    Homepage was a little used service (like .mac cards)
    An email address is something else entirely.
    I don’t think Apple (not even the old Apple that use to make a lot of dumb mistakes) is stupid enough to try and discontinue your email address.

    I’m keeping mine (way too many people have it) and I don’t intend to change it.

  8. @Rbfish & DLMeyer:

    If you log onto on the web and just put your name without the, it will autocomplete for you. So, yeah, I think that’s not too far in the future.

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