Carrier reports point to Apple’s possible iOS 4.2 release dates: Nov. 9th or 12th

“iOS 4.2 is likely to be released sometime this week, unifying the iPhone and iPad into one operating system while simultaneously bringing AirPrint, AirPlay and more to all devices,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“For iPad owners, it’s a particularly exciting update, since it brings many of the features (most obviously multitasking) that iPhone owners have been taking for granted since iOS 4.0,” Brownlee reports.

Brownlee reports, “The Gold Master Seed has gone out to developers, so it’s imminent, but when exactly is iOS 4.2 coming to us regular joes and janes? It’s unknown, but there’s a couple of good guesses: either November 9th or November 12th.”

Full article here.


  1. @ R2

    Because this is a huge software update that effects the entire iOS line and not just iPads. It’s also introducing 2 new huge features, AirPrint and AirPlay, along with numerous other enhancements.

  2. and Apple tries really hard to make sure everything is working correctly. We know there are glitches here and there, but they generally release software / firmware that has been thoroughly tested and retested and evaluated. Unlike several other companies that spring to mind…

    Patience is a virtue…

  3. Why the “hell”? Damn, Apple users are demanding.

    According to Gruber, he thinks Apple had two parallel developments of iOS3.x; one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. That was to keep the iPad secret, as it’s easy to find random strings in the iOS which point to a new device.

    It was only after it launched, that the the two iOS teams were able to homologate the changes into iOS 4.2.

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