Skyfire browser returns to Apple’s App Store, but only in limited ‘batches’

Skyfire Labs’ CEO Jeff Glueck explains the current status of Skyfire for iPhone:

The last two days have been quite busy here at Skyfire to say the least. To everyone who wanted to download Skyfire for iPhone, thank you for your patience. We are gratified there is so much interest in the product, and we’re working around the clock to add capacity for more users.

We are going to open batches of downloads for new users over the coming days. The first batch will be in a few minutes on the Apple App Store. It will be first come, first serve.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are taking this approach because Skyfire believes a good user experience should come first, and we would rather have fewer, happier customers, and add new users as we can support them. We will open the first batches to US users only, with additional country support to follow shortly.

Please note that there may be some initial congestion as a flood of new users simultaneously try to use the service, but try again an hour later and things should smooth out.

We expect to open more batches frequently over the coming days. If you do not get a copy today, please follow Skyfire at or friend our Facebook page at, and you will be the first to hear when we open new slots. We’re glad our App has folks so excited.

More info and download link (when it’s available) for Skyfire for iPhone (US$2.99) here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we said on Tuesday regarding this app: “Enabling incompetent/ignorant/lazy/cheap purveyors of web video is no substitute for having them do it right in the first place. Get with the program: Stop using Flash. 120+ million users can’t see your videos and most aren’t about to pony up $2.99 to a third-party in order to work around your incompetence/ignorance/laziness/cheapness.”

Note to advertisers: (including those who advertise via third-party ad networks and become, in effect, our advertisers): Your Flash-based ads are no longer reaching the most well-heeled customers online: 100+ million iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. If you care about reaching people with discretionary income, you might want to consider dumping your flash-based ads and moving to a more open format that people with money and the will to spend it can actually see.


  1. OS X has been out for 10 years and Adobe Flash reader for Mac still doesn’t work half as well as the Windows version.

    Adobe only has themselves to blame for the imminent Death of Flash.

  2. Most flag is either ads or weekly store ads or just intro pages to make some flashy intro. Html5 is new i doubt people are lazy they are just new to the whole html5 thing.

    I am not Sure about any browsers that do not support html5. I thought every browser does.

  3. It’s so obvious everyone is just downloading this to be able to watch porn. Otherwise why would you be so obsessed with flash, to watch a ton more ads and the odd crap TV show? No, I don’t think so…

  4. There’s plenty of free porn to watch on iPhone without flash. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    I got the app just to have it. I also have netflix. That’s my main show watching app any how.

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