Keep a watchful eye on your U.S. congressperson with ‘My Elected Officials’ app for iPhone and iPad

With the newly-released “My Elected Officials” app, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users have a non-partisan tool that gives you the power to participate and engage in your government like never before.

Users get unlimited access to congressional voting records, contact information, push notifications via the ‘follow’ option, video links and breaking news via digital outlets of media resources such as GovTrack, FOX News, CNN and C-SPAN. The “My Elected Officials” tab gives you quick access only to the elected officials you choose to follow.

Users can personalize the app for their use, following only the elected officials who represent them in Congress, and thus creating an interactive environment for which they can share information with family and friends via SMS text messages, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Users have unlimited access to all members in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Within this tab, users will find contact information, learn about voting records, committee membership, bill sponsorship and support, view videos, locate maps to Washington D.C. offices and links to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, users have access to breaking news via the news link.

More info and download link for “My Elected Officials” (US$4.99) via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. Keep an eye on bitch Pelosi. She is the biggest failure in living memory and is sneaking around begging her lib lap dogs to let her continue as head dem in the House. What a loser!

  2. Oh another blatant hit-whoring politics thread. I think MDN should look in the mirror the next time they call Dvorak a hit whore for criticizing Macs. You guys are just as bad.

    And responses like the one here from “X” and certainly the one to come from “first 2010 then 2012” pretty much crush the myth that Mac users are better educated.

  3. The conversation hasn’t yet touched on the app, so let me be the first. The “+” sign showing multi-device compatibility isn’t shown on price window. A search for this app also pulls up nothing for iPad, yet the app says compatible with both. There are going to be a lot of angry users if they purchase this for iPad and end up getting an iPhone version that is usable on the iPad.  

  4. Why is there not a free version (or at least a trial period) for ANY app costing $5? It’s a lot of money to try out an app that you probably won’t be refunded for!

  5. This app came a little too late to the party, the democrat-socialist crooks in Congress who ordered the FHA to order Freddie and Fannie into the sub-prime housing mortgage market and over-leveraged them 70x, forcing a Bush/Treasury takeover and the resulting Fed printing of $600 billion just yesterday alone to pay for it and severely devaluing our currency in the world…


    What this app really needs to do is concentrate on the prosecutions for gross misconduct of these FIRED! Demo-Congressmen in a attempt to return the billions they stole from Americans and the working poor who they promised a house THEY COULDN’T AFFORD TO PAY FOR!!

    It’s these working poor folks who realized they were ripped off by their very own Congressmen they voted for. Many hard working people have lost everything, including their jobs and saving as they BELIEVED the government was there to help them get a home of their dreams but actually suckered them into a house during the height of a real estate bubble and overinflated prices to line their own pockets at taxpayers expense (inflation from overprinted currency)

    Let the Demo-Congressmen tar and feathering begin!!

  6. The app is fine and appropriate. The comments by our whorish, devil worshiping, conservative, brain damaged, extremist, ignorant, back stabbing, unpatriotic, corporate mongering, non-partisan, America destroying, freaks are not. For the past two years out leaders have been trying to help our nation. While others are trying to strangle the good common people to death, by giving the keys to our purses to immoral corporations.

  7. Cut spending. Scale back U.S. federal government. Realize that government is not your nanny.

    <a target=”_blank”>When Obama took office, government (federal, state and local combined) controlled 35% of the US economy — 15th among the two-dozen advanced countries. Now, it controls 44.7%, ranking us 7th, ahead of Germany and Britain.</a>

    Phase One completed. Phase Two happens November 6, 2012.

  8. @danilko1
    Let’s not engage in the ultra-hyperbole machine that so many idiots here (like Killjoy) prefer to use. Corporations aren’t inherently evil. I just find it funny the same corporation-loving ‘conservatives’ who rant about personal responsibility seem to forget about that word when it comes to corporate citizens. Then lying cheating stealing polluting exploiting is just fine and dandy.

  9. There’s enough blame, both in action and inaction, for all sides.

    The Democrats are not devils; the Tea Partiers are not angels. Both are, however, Americans, and (with some notable exceptions on all sides) all have the good of America, as they see it, at heart.

    The more we demonize and ridicule each other, the less we’ll be able to take the best ideas from all sides and come up with something that works well enough for everyone.

  10. You partisan hacks should be using Dell boxes, you obviously cannot think for yourself.

    The difference between the R’s and D’s in Wash? the side of the room they are on. Geez get a grip people, they want you fighting each other, while they and their cronies fleece America. They are all rich, drunk with power, want more.

    Ending the two party rule is the only way to save this once great land…

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