Dell dumps BlackBerry for Windows Phone ‘07 for 25,000 workers

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!“Dell Inc will shift thousands of its employees off Research in Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry and over to Dell’s smartphones, the company said on Thursday,” Gabriel Madway reports for Reuters. “Dell’s BlackBerry users will be shifted over to use the new Dell Venue Pro, which runs on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 software and operates on the network of T-Mobile USA.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hope they don’t need to cut, copy, and paste.

Madway continues, “RIM has long been the dominant player in the corporate smartphone market, but has seen its market share erode as companies such as Apple make gains. In the third quarter, RIM’s global smartphone market share slipped more than 4 percentage points from a year-ago, according to industry tracker IDC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, that’s one way to “outsell” Kin.

Now, let’s see: 25,000 for Dell and 89,000 for Microsoft = 114,000 units. Only 1,586,000 units to go to match the amount of iPhone 4s that Apple sold in its first three days on the market (1.7 million).

Alternate headline: Also-rans switch also-rans.

RIM. Dead company walking.MacDailyNews, August 05, 2010


  1. Not a big surprise here. Obviously, they were not going to switch to iPhones. Plus I believe they are developing their own phone, so Dell employees were going to get Phone 7 based handsets regardless. It impacts RIM more than anything.

  2. This is great news for M$. They can now announce that they have sold 110K phones (80+ of M$ and 25 for Dell).

    Now if they give phones to their employees families they could “sell” even more.

  3. Dell is following Microsoft in making all employee’s use Windows 7 phones.

    We all know Dell has been demoted and HP has taken their top stop in worldwide computer shipments, so Dell is acting more compliant with their Redmond masters wishes.

    One day Apple will release the Cracken and allow OS X to be easily installed on generic PC’s as they wouldn’t fear losing hardware sales anymore.

    When that day comes, Microsoft (and Dell and HP) will begin to die.

  4. Dell used to rely upon Intel’s kickbacks in order to make their quarterly numbers. What do they do when Intel comes calling and tells them they need to buy Meego phones for their staff?

  5. No wonder Dell isn’t making money if they’re footing the phone bills for 25,000 employees. Maybe, there are 1-2k executives and sales people that need ’em, but 25k? They’re paying for phones for janitors and line workers?

  6. “MacDailyNews Take: Hope they don’t need to cut, copy, and paste.”

    And I hope they don’t need to read emails, browse the internet or watch movies or listen to music because those windows 7 phones are good for nothing but a paper weight/

  7. Just thinking, with the amount of foresight and common sense Dell has shown in recent years, that announcement bodes well for RIM’s future. Now Michael, make some stupid remarks about RIM shutting down and giving the money to the shareholders, and I’ll buy RIM shares.

  8. I like the Blackberry torch. It is quite a good phone. A decent touch screen with pinch, apps, a decent web browser etc. I’d rather have that than a windows 7 phone, if I worked for Dell.

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