Apple’s Mac App Store now accepting app submissions

“Apple has sent an email out to registered developers today saying it is now accepting submissions for the Mac App Store as referenced at the Back to the Mac event on October 20th,” MacNN reports.

MacNN reports, “The email says, in part, ‘The Mac App Store will be opening soon. You can get ready by submitting your Mac apps for review now. Log in to the Mac Dev Center for details on setting up an iTunes Connect account, creating Apple-issued Mac Distribution Certificates, and preparing your apps for the review process.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Inch by inch, row by row, Apple’s garden will just grow till one itvwill be obvious what seamless integration really means to anyone who still thinks thisbis about one product or another.

    There is no competition, everyone else’s sole focus is money over user friendly experience and superior productivity objective.

  2. One has to buy a external drive larger than the capacity of their boot drive to use the integrated TimeMachine backup system.

    So there IS something to buy. But one should be doing this regardless as drives do indeed die, bad OS X and other updates occur, viruses have yet to rear it’s ugly head on OS X, but Mac’s can be hacked or trojaned (especially Flash or pirated programs) and files can be applications in disguise.

    OS X warns you the first time when your launching a app, but after that your on your own. To reset that you need to run all of OnyX’s features to set your system back to factory like state on the system level, clean the caches etc.

    Of course if malware gets on a Mac, it’s going to jump to the re-write-able TimeMachine drive as well, or install itself in the keyboard firmware or even EFI even. Not much one can do about the keyboard firmware, that Apple would have to take care of.

    Carbon Copy Cloning the whole boot drive to a new external drive every few months is a wise idea. This way one can C boot from the OS X installer DVD, Disk Utility Erase with Zero the infected boot drive, connect the clone and Option boot from it and simply reverse clone, restore files from burnt cd/dvds or other methods involving a detailed ClamXav scan once the malware definition has been released. Booting from a clone gives you a working machine machine if the drive dies or has problems, unlike TimeMachine which isn’t boot able.

    Apple does a amazing good job of keeping our machines safe from all the Windows like headaches, but it’s always a good idea to be cautious and have a backup plan regardless, unless you want to wait in line with hundreds of other people in the Genius line at the Apple Store if something really bad happens.

  3. Fred,

    Just like iPhone Apps, iPod touch Apps, iPad Apps, music, movies and TV shows, you can backup to CD/DVD all of your downloads right in iTunes.

    I’m sure Mac Apps will be the same.

  4. If I may…


    If you indeed, have a Mac — with either Leopard or Snow Leopard — then, there is already a copy of Time Machine on it.

    Do you mean that you don’t want to go out and buy Time Capsule? You don’t have to.

    You can use the INCLUDED “Time Machine” software with ANY extrernal hard disk connected to a Mac.

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