The coolest new feature in ios 4.2 (that no one’s talking about!)

Apple Online Store“The shiny new iOS 4.2 Golden Master was seeded to developers yesterday. The update most famously brings Multi-Tasking to iPad, as well as folders and Game Center, bringing the tablet completely up to speed with its iPhone and iPod touch brethren,” Mike Keller reports for PCWorld.

“Additionally, 4.2 brings AirPrint wireless printing and AirPlay media streaming to all current-gen devices,” Keller reports. “I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight one of the great new features of 4.2 that seems to have slipped under the radar.”

Keller writes, “I’m referring to a little something called MIDI… The iPhone and iPad have already gained some attention as music creation tools (if only in novelty), but I believe serious musicians may now start to recognize iOS as a real studio tool.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Is this true? So my iPad will have MIDI capabilities???

    My word. This is AWESOME! I was practicing the other day and thinking how cool it would be to have loads of effects and wah wah pedals on my iPad. I could take my shoes off and stomp on my iPad to change the sounds coming from my guitar…

    This is a wicked cool new feature, can’t wait for iOS 4.2!!!!

  2. Wow, I had NOT heard of this. That’s fantastic news! I have the GM on my iPad now. Any ideas where one can access MIDI in it, or is it just the capability, and someone needs to write an app for it first?

  3. If MIDI has now become part of OS (the way Core Audio and Core MIDI are in OS X), that means that there is API for hardware/software access to the functions. In other words, developers can create MIDI virtual instruments, MIDI sequencers and DAWs, hardware makers can build MIDI interfaces for the docking port, and all these would seamlessly inter-operate.

    Next major app for the iPad will surely be GarageBand. It is clear that Apple has disproportionately heavy resources invested in it, compared to some other titles in iLife (iDVD, iWeb), regardless of its share of use in the suite. Perhaps these are the Logic Pro guys passionately nurturing the GarageBand project on the side, and Steve lets them, since it enhances the ‘cool’ factor. If these guys could spend a few days on porting GB over to iOS, now that MIDI is part of the OS, this would make iOS the ultimate OS for musicians, with best possible user inteface for recording, mixing and mastering music.

    Can’t wait to see what comes!

  4. It will be the software that supports MIDI, the hardware will still need an interface, that’s the ‘i’ in MIDI. The interface originally was a five-pin DIN but was later avaialbe in USB. You could have a wireless MIDI interface through bluetooth.

  5. Sweet. I’ve believed all along the iPad would be an awesome music controller and now Apple is making it happen.

    David Hockney is already putting the iPad on the map for the visual arts. Can’t wait to see musicians and composers doing it for music.

  6. I’m pretty sure that MIDI interface would work with numerous different technologies not related to musical instruments. Everything from a massive tool and die machine building locomotive engines to an ultrasound wand showing the baby in the womb.

    This could be way bigger than we think.

  7. Look at Serato and the Korg kaoss pad to understand what’s coming for DJ’s…

    for guitar effects @Jamie check out the IK Amplitube iRIG that already hooks up to iPhone iPad for guitar effects

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