T-Mobile ‘get a Mac’-inspired ad pokes Apple’s FaceTime over Wi-Fi limit, blames AT&T (with video)

“T-Mobile kicked off a new campaign for its HSPA+ 3G network today with a TV commercial (below) poking fun at the limitations on the iPhone’s FaceTime video chat,” Electronista reports.

“The 30-second spot blames AT&T for Apple not allowing FaceTime over cellular until 2011 and portrays the rival carrier as an overweight man keeping the iPhone down,” Electronista reports. “The ad goes so far as to borrow Apple’s since discontinued ‘Get A Mac’ theme of two personifications talking to each other against a pure white backdrop.”

Full article here.


  1. We don’t. T-Mobile made sure the ‘bad’ guy in this ad was clearly AT&T. If you watch a commercial, you’ll see that the iPhone is played by a young, cool, good looking guy. In other words, if only he were not saddled by that overweight, Ballmer-like bold (and fat) guy, he’d be flying just like that T-Mobile MyTouch 4G chick from T-Mobile.

    On a subliminal level, the MyTouch phone (an Android) is represented by a girl, implying that it is more attractive to men than women…

  2. You can call me shallow all you like (all together, now…), but the actress in that spot was pretty hot.

    If iPhone were available on T-mobile, I might just have to sign up for an iPhone 4. Just sayin’…

    btw, pretty good advert too.

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