How to jailbreak iOS 4.2 GM on iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad with Redsn0w

“Apple [has] pushed iOS 4.2 Gold Master into Developers Center,” Ahmed Omar reports for CoveringWeb.

“The newly released Redsn0w 0.9.6 has been confirmed to jailbreak iOS 4.2 GM on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 4G / 3G / 2G and iPad,” Omar reports.

“So, if you have got your copy of iOS 4.2 GM, you will be able to jailbreak it using the instructions posted here.


  1. the headlines should instead read this:
    how to instantly fill your laptop with keylogers,open up your iphone to viruses (and possibly brick it) and screw up springboard and push notifications

    just so you can pirate a game (or run an emulator, which are illegal in the united states)

    and I thought mdn was full of macheads like the rest of us™, why is this here?

  2. Anonymous ‘Stephen’ hit a great point:

    The ONLY malware for iOS is specifically for jailbroken iDevices.

    And no, there is no motivation by anyone, especially Apple, to provide iOS anti-malware tools. You’re on-your-own.

    Idea: Before you jailbreak, be certain you know how to restore your iDevice to its original state. You’re welcome.

  3. The only reason I have left to jailbreak, lock screen.
    It’s barren.
    I personally use lockinfo, others use other options.

    And as far as security… You do know that there are patches for the iOS bugs on cydia long before apple issues them?

    I haven’t done it yet, I used too though, tired of the same few choices for sounds? Jailbreak allows you to change them.

    Million other reasons to jailbreak, personally if apple would change the lockscreen to be useful… I’d lose all reasons to jailbreak anymore.
    SBSettings is the only other jailbreak thing I use, great but I can get by without it.

  4. @Backlash
    “I personally use lockinfo…”

    this is why I am an advocate of applescript on ios

    you tell twiter, wether, stocks etc to get your info

    you tell a graphics program to draw it all on a picture and save it

    you tell the photos program to set the picture as the lock screen backround (and delete the old one)

    viola lock info in applescript

    for the unlock sound, one could use an on idle and watch the clock, if the clock’s delta is /really/ big between two idles then the phone has been unlocked so you would tell application “ipod”
    play song “unlock”
    delay 3
    end tell

  5. Does not change a thing.

    With lockinfo I can do more than with just using AppleScript.

    Mark emails/text/missed calls etc as read without unlocking the phone.

    And that’s just one thing I can do with lockinfo you just can’t do with a screenshot.

    Some people don’t have the iPhone glued to their hands either. I go a half hour or more without even being able to touch the iPhone at work.
    So to unlock the iPhone with my password, get to the email app, get to my email, only to find out I have new spam!!!!
    Waste of time.

    Lockinfo, home button, mark as read. Done.
    Or delete if you set up lockinfo to do so.

  6. I love jailbreaking. It gets me tethering on my UNLIMITED data plan, BiteSMS which allows in-app quick replay (so when i want to reply to a message I’m not ripped out of my app/i dont even have to unlock the phone to reply). SBSettings allows you to quickly toggle GPS, WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth etc… and allows you to respring the phone at any time. 3G unrestrictor allows me to use FaceTime, AppStore (20+MB), and HQ YouTube on 3G. Not to mention, most of the bugs or holes in iOS are patched by the JAILBREAKING COMMUNITY before Apple posts an update (See iOS 4.0.2 update as example). Jailbreaking adds a plethora of functionality and usability. Plus, I get access to a UNIX terminal…and thats just cool.

  7. Sounds… Almost forgot.

    I didn’t mean just the lock sounds..

    I used to have the t-mobile jingle come up for text msgs. Can you do that with applescript?… No.

    Same with email if you want.
    Remember when the keyboard sound was super loud on the iPhone and much quieter on the touch? You could change that also, now you don’t have too though.

    Pirates are pirates, not everyone that jailbreaks is a pirate.

  8. yes you could have a jingle when you get email/text (I have my laptop set up to run applescripts when I get ichat messages and emails)

    as for having to unlock your iphone to see the applescript stuff:
    you would ether attach it to a repeating calendar event or use on idle, you would not have to unlock it and to get your mail: you would just setup a mail rule

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