Gameloft’s record quarterly sales powered by Apple iPhone and iPad game sales

Gameloft has announced that the company has achieved consolidated sales of EUR34.7 million during the third quarter of 2010, up by 15% from the previous year. Europe represented 32.6% of the company’s sales during the quarter, North America 31.9% and the rest of the world 35.5%.

During the first nine months of 2010, Gameloft consolidated sales reached EUR101.3 million, up by 12% year on year. On a constant exchange rate basis, nine month growth was 10%.

The company’s performance during the third quarter was very strong and confirms the steady growth experienced during the previous quarter. This was driven by sales in emerging countries and by the massive success of Smartphone devices around the world. In particular, Gameloft has seen its sales on iPhone and iPad grow by 80% during the first nine months of 2010. The company has positioned itself as a leading game publisher on Apple’s AppStore since launch.

Recent and future releases of high-performance smartphones from such companies as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Google should continue sustaining Gameloft’s growth in the upcoming quarters. Additionally, the release of new devices suited for video games, such as Apple’s iPad, should allow Gameloft to continue its diversification on other platforms and provides the company with interesting relays for growth.

Therefore, Gameloft is expecting continued revenue and profitability growth in 2010. In the long term, the company appears in an ideal position to benefit from the rapid emergence of the digital distribution of video games on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, consoles and from the major technological innovations brought to the market.

The Group’s consolidated fourth quarter sales will be published on 31 January 2011 after the market closes.

Source: Gameloft


  1. @Synthmeister

    So, you want Apple to do to Gameloft what Microsoft did to Bungie…?

    Not sure that is even the best idea for Apple. Just like all the people calling for Apple to buy a movie studio, or music label, buying a game company makes no sense. Apple already has access to all these things, coming from multiple different sources, why should Apple get involved and risk getting these content creation groups angry at them.

    It would be different if Apple were not getting people to develop games for their devices, or no movie studio would release their content to be sold through iTunes, but they are. I tend to see Apple do things like that only when no one else would, or if it means they could sell more hardware.

    iWork exists because most office suites on the Mac were no good or were too expensive. The same is true for Apple’s foray into the professional market, like Final Cut. Remember back in the day that Avid was the only real game in town, it was Windows only and cost a boatload. Final Cut fixed that by making a great piece of professional software available for the Mac at a decent price. It was a good move. Yes, I know Premier was also available, but it was a rather bad piece of software IMHO.

    If I were to guess, based on the strategy that Apple has taken in the past, if Apple were to buy a company, Adobe would actually be a good target. Their software is expensive and they have been neglecting the Mac market for years now.

    At this point, I think Apple is happy to allow developers to make the software like this, so that they can focus in at what they are good at, selling premium hardware.

    Just a thought… AJ

  2. “buying a game company makes no sense. Apple already has access to all these things”

    he was talking about exclusivity. obviously. do you even know what that means? that would be the whole point of the acquisition. if you don’t understand that, it’s not going to make much sense

  3. I understand that were all talking about Apple buying a game maker and making them exclusively MAC developers. Forgive me, this game me an idea. What if apple bought out Autodesk and made AutoCAD exclusive to the MAC? How much would this piss off Microsoft. It would surely force the engineering enterprise and idiodic it guys into embracing OSX. Autodesk’s current market cap 8.03B. What are your guys thoughts?

  4. Buying Gameloft makes just as much sense as buying Emagic or developing iWork. It accomplishes two goals:

    1. Apple is guaranteed a source of exclusive, excellent Mac/iOS games.

    2. Those games will never show up on Android or WM7 and provide an incentive to come to the Apple ecosystem.

    I would only be against this if Apple somehow made life miserable for 3rd party developers.

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