Apple’s iWork 11 close at hand? Amazon posts link to manual for Apples’ next-gen productivity suite

“An interesting listing has just popped up on Amazon France, a manual (which appears to be in German) for Apple iWork 11, which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers for Mac and iPad,” Jennifer Allan reports for Electricpig.

Allan reports, “The iWork 11 manual is listed as arriving in December 2010, which means the next iteration of iWork should be close…”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple released iWork ’09 on January 6, 2009.


  1. In a sea of familiar PowerPoint templates, my Keynote presentations are ALWAYS unique. In addition to templates with more style and elegance, Keynote offers transitions that are also more elegant and stylish. There is nothing that I needed done that could be done in Powerpoint, but could NOT in Keynote.

    Not to mention the presenter’s dual display features. Powerpoint’s options are constricted and limited (no way to show current and next slides, side by side, at the size of my choice). Keynote has a setup that is by far more logical, convenient and, most importantly, flexible. I can re-size objects on that presenter screen, and that includes all of them, including slide notes, current and next slide, presentation timer, slide timer, clock, etc. I can also put them anywhere I want. Powerpoint is just way to limited there.

  2. I only use Office on my Mac if I have to. Otherwise, I use iWork.

    The only copy of MS Office I have is the old version X, which is ten years old and still works fine, believe it or not.

    When iWork 11 comes out, I will be lined up (virtually, at the Apple online store) to get my copy on the next payday.

  3. Yeah I got Office 2004 & 2008 and have finally decided to use them “for as long as they last” and get iWorks 11 and use Open Office too. I hardly ever even use Office anymore anyways.

    I still have this nagging feeling Apple has Numbers & Pages uber-versions that are Office killers lurking in their archives waiting for the day MS stops making Office for Mac. Jobs/Apple will never be beholden to that Northwest abomination again!

  4. Another intentional leak for free advertising…I remember the days of ThinkSecret and the Apple moles…

    If iWork doesn’t work for you, then try the free LibreOffice before you succumb to some paid cr*p from Microsoft, starve the beast and it will die.

    LibreOffice is the new cross platform name for OpenOffice since Oracle bought Sun and picking it apart for scraps, everyone is bailing out.

    The original developers forked OpenOffice to LibreOffice, so search for your free cross platform, Office compatible office suite using the new name and site, as Oracle owns the OpenOffice name.

    MDN word “same” As it’s the same thing, just a different name.

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